Orisha orula yoruba santeria

Orula: Orisha of Wisdom and Divination

Orula, also known as Orúnmila, is the Orisha of divination and wisdom within the Yoruba religion. He is the supreme oracle and master spiritualist who sees all and knows all. Olofi, one of the three manifestations of the Supreme God, gave Orula the gift of prophecy. Orula bore witness as Olofi created the earth and the Orishas. Olofi bestowed upon Orula the wisdom and clarity to see the future and the ability to communicate it to those who inquire with him. These powers have the capacity to influence our destiny and shape our life’s paths. Sacred tales tell of Orula’s psychic abilities to determine the death of every man and woman on earth.

Son of Obatala and Yemu, Orula is a brother to Elegua, Ogun, and Shango. He and Shango work closely together, as they both have a deep insight into the future. Orula knows the ways that each of us can find success, happiness, and health. He knows what the future holds for us and he can guide us on the right path if we listen to his foresight. The god of plants and remedies, this great healer watches over humans, animals, and all other living things.

Orula speaks to each of us through divination with his babalawos. These babalawos are devout followers of Orula who work constantly with him and relay his wisdom to us. They interpret the messages through meditation and sacred tools such as divining chains, divining boards, and kola nuts. Cascarilla is spread on the divining board and the babalawo arranges his sacred signs on the board.

Traits of The Orisha Orula

The colors of the Orisha Orula are green and yellow, and his followers wear robes in these colors to honor him. Orula bracelets and Orula necklaces adorned in beads of yellow and green should also be worn when trying to evoke his power and to help cast away death.

Images of Orula show him seated with his ekuele and irofa by his side. He is often depicted gazing into his divining board as he unravels the mysteries of the future. Dressed in a green and yellow gown, he is a vision of serenity and deep introspection.

Orula’s feast day is October 4, which is the same as the catholic saint St. Francis of Assisi. Pay homage to him on this day and make offerings to him of coconuts, wine, sweet cakes, and candles. When honoring this beloved Orisha, be sure to have a Polvera de Orula on your altar. This wooden bowl is the vessel that contains Orula’s spirit and in which his deepest secrets are kept. When the moon is new, light an Orula 7 Day Orisha Candle and make your offering, focusing your intention on invoking his spirit.

Orula represents wisdom and the ability of man to influence his own destiny. His powers of insight make him one of the most commanding and distinguished of all Orishas. Respect his talent and he will help guide you toward your life’s destiny.

Orula: The Master Diviner

Orula, the master diviner, is a powerful orisha whose wisdom is beyond compare. It is he who knows the best roads for humans to achieve happiness, success, and prosperity. He also knows the appropriate time for each person to be born, live, and die. Together with his brother, Elegua, he works on behalf of people seeking to change their destinies and create long, happy lives for themselves. To connect with Orula, it is important to understand his place as the witness of destiny, how he obtained his powers of divination and his covenant with death.

When Obatala caught Ogun attempting to seduce his own mother, he ordered all of his male children to be killed in his fury. Elegua was old and strong enough to leave home, so he did -- but he always kept an eye on things at Obatala's house out of fear that, if his wife bore any other sons, Obatala would have them killed as well. When Shango was born, Elegua stole him and asked his older sister to raise him instead. After Orula was born, Elegua stole him as well. That way, both babies could be safe from Obatala's rage.

Much later, Obatala fell ill. Elegua brought Shango, his long-lost son, back to him. As a master healer, Shango was able to heal Obatala and save his life. In exchange for this service, Elegua asked his father to spare Orula and Shango's lives in return. When Obatala agreed, Shango celebrated by gifting Orula with a divination tray and the secret knowledge of divining.

Orula as the Protector of Life

Orula is the ultimate diviner who knows when each and every person is to live and die. He made a pact with death so that Orula's children would not be carried off before it was time for them to die. For this reason, he is said to grant protection from premature death. Wearing an Orula Triple Beaded Bracelet on the left wrist can help keep the wearer from being carried off by Iku before their time.

An Orula necklace should be imposed by an Ifa priest. When and if it breaks, it is an ominous warning -- the wearer should contact their Ifa godfather for spiritual assistance, since a broken necklace of Orula is considered an omen of serious danger.

Connecting to Orula

Orula is present before every birth -- he is the one who witnesses the way a spirit influences its destiny before being born. Since he is the Witness of Destiny, the one who knows all, he is petitioned for everything from success, to blessing, to strengthening psychic abilities, to healing. When you wish to change your circumstances, whatever they might be, he is the one to seek a connection with.

Fill a bath, and light the accompanying incense. Recite the accompanying prayer, and step into the bath. (Be sure to fully immerse yourself.) As you relax in the warm, fragrant water, envision yourself endowed with Orula's wisdom. Whatever change you seek to make in your life, you are capable of making. However you wish to alter your destiny, you are able to do so. Quiet your mind, and listen for Orula's guidance.

After the bath, allow yourself to air dry. Thank Orula for his wisdom, and make an offering to him in gratitude. Be sure to follow the wise advice you are given, for those who don't become the victims of misfortune sent by his assistant, Eshu.

Orula is privy to every secret, no matter how dark or hidden. He witnesses the life of every living thing, from before they are born until the day they die. There is nothing that escapes his wisdom, and no destiny he cannot help alter. If you are having trouble in your life and you feel stuck and powerless, Orula's wisdom can help set you free and lead you down a path to happiness and success.

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