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  1. Spiritualists choose candle burn altar

    Let Our Spiritualists Choose a Candle to Burn For You On Our Altar


    Let our in-house Spiritualists be your guide! Simply list your intentions, wishes, and dreams, and they will choose a candle to burn on our altar...

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  2. Alex inle spiritual consultation

    Alex Inle Spiritual Consultation Priest


    By popular demand, we are now proud to offer spiritual consultations with Alex Inle. Alex Inle Lukumi/ Voodoo Priest has been offering a wide...

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  3. Esgar tarot readings

    Tarot Card Reading By Esgar


    Esgar is a tarot reader and spiritual healer. Each reading is guided by Esgar's spirit guides to give you clarity and insight into love, your...

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  4. Guided spirits reading alex inle2

    A Special "Guided Spirits" Reading by Alex Inle


    Alex will call on your deceased "guided spirits" that he will identify through carefully chosen prayers. Working together they will help you...

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  5. Lou psychic reading

    Psychic & Intuitive Card Reading By Lou

    Starting at $100.00

    Experience a transformative and empowering psychic and intuitive card reading with Lou, a renowned diviner, metaphysical reader, and Orisha priest....

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  6. Angelina psychic reading medium

    Psychic Reading By Angelina

    Starting at $200.00

    During a Reading, Angelina taps into your energy field and communicates with both your Spirit Guides and her own. This process allows her to access...

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  7. Angelina medium oracle reading

    Channeled Oracle Reading By Angelina


    Utilizing her specialized skills in Psychic Channeling, Angelina forms a profound connection with the Oracle, a mystical source of wisdom and...

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  8. Angelina psychic reading

    Protection Magick By Angelina


    In this specialized session, Angelina offers a comprehensive guide to shielding yourself from negative energies that may affect your physical and...

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