Orisha ochosi

The Orishas: Ochosi

Ochosi is the Orisha of the wilderness. A talented hunter and fisherman, Ochosi resides in the vast forests of the wilderness. Legends tell of Ochosi making his way undetected through dense trees as he hunts his prey. He is a skilled marksman who never misses with his bow and arrow. Ochosi stands with Ogun, Elegua and Oshun to make up the Warrior Orishas. He is a protector of all wild animals, and is especially fond of birds of prey including falcons and hawks. He is also the patron of those who work with dogs.

Son of Yemaya, he is the patron to those having problems with the law. Ochosi watches over anyone experiencing legal problems and rules over police officers, lawyers and the court system. He is said to believe in blind justice, bravely defending the innocent and standing up against inequality.

The Image of Ochosi

Ochosi is depicted carrying his bow and arrow. He wears an intricate headpiece, usually adorned with horns and a feather. His colors are blue, yellow and red. He will often be shown in close proximity to the Orisha Ogun. The two Orisha’s work together to make their way through the forest and hunt for food.

Praying to Ochosi

This hunter is also believed to have powerful visions and shamanic powers. He works with Elegua and Ogun to increase ones spiritual abilities. Elegua opens the mind, Ogun clears it of any distractions and Ochosi works with the focus of his arrow to help you to receive the messages that are coming to you.

Ochosi’s altar should include a crossbow inside of Ogun’s cauldron. Burn an Ochosi 7 day Orisha candle while praying to a statue of this fearless protector. The Alamo plant is considered sacred to Ochosi. Prepare a spiritual bath by steeping the herb in boiling water for 10 minutes. Let it cool and then strain it. Pour the liquid over you in the tub while focusing your intentions on the justice you seek.

Wear an Ochosi necklace or Ochosi bracelet on your next court date to shelter yourself with his strength. Carry an Ochosi prayer card with you for protection and peace of mind. Celebrate Ochosi on his feast day, June 7th, by presenting him with his favorite foods. Ochosi is especially fond of all hunted game animals and fowl. He also enjoys fruits such as plantains, pomegranates, bananas, grapes and pears.

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