Orisha ogun santeria

The Orishas: Ogun

Ogun is the God of iron, energy, creativity, war, hunting and invention. This fierce warrior is one of the oldest Orishas and is pictured as a blacksmith as he’s a powerful spirit of metal work.

Ogun is said to be the first of the Orisha to descend to the realm of Ile Aiye (the earth) to find suitable habitation for future human life. One of his praise names is Osin Imole meaning "first of the primordial Orisha to come to Earth".

Ogun is the Orisha of barbers, doctors, butchers, blacksmiths and any occupation that uses knives or blades, or iron tools. Like metal, he is rigid and strong and is usually seen with a machete, bow and arrow or a hammer.

Ogun is the god of Truth and Justice and presides over deals and contracts. In Yoruba courts, devotees of the faith swear to tell the truth by kissing a machete sacred to Ogun.

In Cuba, his Catholic saint is Saint Peter. In Brazil, it is Saint George. His feast day is June 29th. His eleke is made of green and black beads .

Prayer to Ogun

Ogun clears obstacles that get in the way of spiritual growth. He is petitioned for help with seeking employment, defense against enemies, or for protection.

Light a 7 Day Ogun candle to Ogun to remove spiritual and material obstacles from your path. The following prayer can help connect with this powerful Orisha:

Warrior Orisha Ogun
Protect us from tragedies and accidents.
Protect us from all evil and harm.
Do not permit the iron to hurt us.
Be the one in charge Ogun to guard, protect us,
And that we have peace.

Ogun's Tools

Ogun’s tools represents the activities of humans on earth and each tool has a specific job.

The main tool of Ogun is the anvil, which signifies the earth's ability to transform man. The cauldron is symbolic of a womb, mine or abyss. Tools kept inside, like Iron railroad nails, are used by Ogun to fashion or shape whatever potential riches are inside the symbolic mine.

The shovel is used for digging into one's potential and the machete is used to clear ones path. The rake used to gather and smooth rough area's of the self and the hoe, which is used to cultivate one's potential. The hammer is used to bend or shape one's faculties and the pick is used to pierce or penetrate the hardened areas of the self.

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