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Read What Some of Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Original Products Botanica

"I felt like a child opening up Christmas gifts. I LOVE what I have. I smell everything. The herbs are green and fresh. I put them right in my fridge. I will take a bath with them this weekend. I shall be a return customer. Talk about a quick turnaround with delivery and the packaging was amazing. I am happy. LOL, I am glad someone talked about this place on YouTube. I had no clue about this Botanica. WOW!"
— Keisha H.

"I am extremely happy with my order and here are the reasons why. The candle price is reasonable considering the circumference of the candles... Your candles' circumferences are larger than most. The wicks are also of a high quality it is easy to notice this difference from other 7 day candles. Speed of delivery fast, and accurate; the care in wrapping to ensure the glass was without breakage. I am also happy with the ease of ordering on the website. You have a new customer."
— James H.

"Chris Oshun gave me a spiritual reading and consultation that was precisely what I needed to hear. And, he did it without the typical spooky sales pitch you get from spiritualists who prey on individuals with real spiritual crises. He touched on all of the areas of my life I needed information about without asking me anything other than my name and birthday. The Orisha and Ancestors have truly blessed him with a gift to communicate with them on our behalf. Also, all of the products I ordered from Original Products were delivered very quickly and discreetly - and, they were exactly as promised on the website. Chris and Original Products has revolutionized using technology to get spiritual work done just as effectively as going to see your local Santero in the old neighborhood. Thanks, Chris!"
— Carolena

"These products from Original Botanica are the best. Their service is wonderful and this is the only Botanica shop I will ever purchase any of my products from."
Eileen O.

"I love this shop! I may only order a few things from here that I can't get elsewhere but I still love this shop. I placed an order on Wednesday the 9th and it was here today. When I have had requests (like not stapling the bags shut) you have listened and followed my request. Before I placed my first order when I e-mailed about the Botanical names of herbs (to ensure I was getting what I was looking for) your staff promptly responded to the e-mails with the information. Thank you for providing excellent customer service online. I can only hope that your customer service in person is as wonderful. I do hope to stop in the actual physical store someday."
Charity B.

"I was so happy and excited to purchase the Forgive, Burn & Cleanse Candle. There was only one of these in the shop, so I was very fortunate. Chris was very precise and clear with the necessary instructions on how to approach and burn the candle. The candle is very beautiful and the instructions really helped to get me centered and my intentions clear. The candle work IMMEDIATELY! I could feel the stress leave my body as I watched the candle burn. The people that I prayed to forgive and release magically "disappeared" the very next day. Co-workers called out sick, energy drainers in my personal life left for vacation. This was miraculous! I feel great. Like a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! I HIGHLY recommend using this candle! IT WORKS!"

"Thank you for such a speedy order filling. I lost my best friend last night, Todd, who was my cat, and this candle will be used as part of his memorial. He was born in my bed 18 years ago this May and has never left my side. Having this order filled so quickly is simply amazing to me and I want you to know that I will be giving you the best recommendations possible and a lifelong relationship with you. I practice my craft frequently and need other things that I will now be ordering all of my future needs from you whenever you have what I am looking for. I am feeling rather blessed that I found you. Thank you."

“Just found this website what a great store placed a order and super fast shipping products are wonderful and work great. I will be ordering all my supplies from them now. Thanks for being a great seller!!”
Azula A.

“I have ordered many products from the website, with fantastic results! I always know I am getting quality for a great price! Thanks for a great experience!”
Hannah G.

“I order supplies from Original to stock my store as well as for personal use. They have THE best candles! Highly recommend!”
Leslie Y.

“Great products and customer service. That's all I need.”
Kimberly J.

“The service when ordering products is wonderful and they come very fast packaged properly and the pricing is excellent as well.”
Maxine L.

“Great prompt service! I live in California and got my order within 3 days! I definitely will do business again with this store!”
James H.

“Love your herb selection, I've ordered a few times, and always good quality.”
Dawn M.

“The prices are unbelievably great for a botanical website. This is a great find.”
Twa L.

“I have ordered from them a handful of times - fast shipping and very good prices.”
Tony S.

“Loved the floral water so much that I bought some more. Very refreshing. Gracias”
Angel B.

“I love all of your blog posts. Thank you and God bless.”

“I use the Black Arts Oil on my charcoal disks at night. It’s strong, but not overpowering.”
Shade F.

“Just received my order and I am very impressed.”

“I would like to say that this wonderful candle worked for me… This is going to be a great journey... Thank YOU ALL!”

“Nice bracelet to wear. I can recommend this to everyone. Thanks for the fast shipping-5 days only from the States to Luxembourg!”
Christian N.

“I love this candle. It has been burning for 5 days and it is still burning. It does not smell like cheap wax while burning, that’s very important to me.”

“My reading with Rev. Ochun was impressive and very candid to my surprise. He was straightforward and honest with my issues and he told me what I needed to move forward in my life. I look forward to speaking to him again soon.”

“If ever there was a light that gets results it is the Block breaker prayer candle. They are good for whatever is slowing down your path. Love working with these candles because they give great results.”
Em S.

“This candle works great. It just finished yesterday so I have to wait and see the results. I have purchased a few items from here and I have been pleased with the outcome. This company is great.”

“Five finger grass oil was hard to find. Very sweet smell, beautiful color. Exactly what I was looking for. Fantastic product.”

“The scent is so fresh and calming. I immediately felt safe and protected which is so important these days. Will purchase again.”
C.K. A.

“Love the added attention to detail with this candle, it smells great and it has glitter and some holes already poke in it so it was easy to add extra oils to it.”

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