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  1. Efun 78929

    Spiral Nigeria Efun


    Imported Spiral Efun (Cascarilla) from Nigeria. Made from snail shells. Use to repel negative energy. 2oz BagNote some pieces are broken up and...

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  2. Pilon schangowsw santeria 12847

    Pilon for Shango Inlay


    Solid wood pilon for Shango with inlay design 20" Tall & 10 1/2" Diameter

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  3. Lebrillo argajy santeria 94459

    Lebrillo for Aganju


    This Lebrillo for Aganju (also known as Agayú, Aggayú, or Aganyú) is similar to a sopera, and is used as a sacred vessel on an Orisha's altar. For...

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  4. Elegua plates set 79596

    Set of 3 Plates for Elegua

    Starting at $29.95

    These economical clay plates make an ideal home for your Elegua head and for burning incense. Each plate is two colors - red and black. Plates...

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  5. 5 mieles de oshun 14000

    5 Honeys of Oshun

    Starting at $12.95

    Direct from Colombia comes the 5 Honeys for Oshun (5 mieles de Oshun). Makes a perfect offering for Oshun. 8 oz. bottle.

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  6. Elegua head 4 inch

    Elegua Head 4"

    Starting at $14.95

    4" tall Elegua head for home or altar. Santeria practitioners often have an Elegua head behind their front door as he is said to protect the...

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  7. Scale 65033

    Brass Balance


    Brass Balance with mother of pearl inlay base Approximately 9" tall & 7" wide

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  8. Soft leather journal 2

    Soft Leather Journal


    The soft leather journal is a high-quality, diary perfect for recording your spiritual journey, spells, and rituals. With ample space for writing...

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  9. Iron lock antique

    Iron Lock with Skeleton Keys


    Medieval-style Iron Lock with two Skeleton Keys. For the Orishas Ogun or Ochosi.

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  10. Iron handcuffs shackles

    Iron Handcuffs


    Real Iron Handcuffs for the Orishas Ogun or Ochosi.

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  11. Machete de ogun

    Machete de Ogun With Wood Handle

    Starting at $15.95

    This 15-inch long Machete de Ogun is a divine tool embodying the strength and resilience of Ogun, the Orisha of iron, war, and labor. Crafted for...

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  12. Straight razor santeria ifa

    Ritual Straight Razor

    Starting at $3.95

    The Ritual Straight Razor is a sacred tool for Ifá and Santería practitioners, bridging the physical and spiritual worlds and granting insight from...

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  13. Vaina oya 16728

    Vaina de Oya


    The Vaina de Oya is a divine sheath embodying the essence of Oya, the Santería Orisha of winds, storms, and transformation. It's an essential tool...

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  14. RAIL DE LINEA OGGUN OGUN religion yoruba ifa 11072

    Iron Railroad Track


    Iron railroad rail for Ogun 4" tall & 4" wide

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  15. Elegua plate 46660

    Decorate Clay Plate for Elegua


    These gorgeous adorned clay plates make an ideal home for your Elegua head and for burning incense. Each plate is two colors - red and black.

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