Lazarus spell rituals

Petitioning Saint Lazarus for Healing and Pain Relief

Saint Lazarus (sometimes called Saint Lazarus of Bethany or Lazarus of the Four Days) is one of the most popular Catholic saints. In Catholicism's early days, devotion to him was very common. Today, Catholics and non-Catholics alike seek his aid.

Why petition Saint Lazarus?

In Lazarus' story, died after a period of illness. He was resurrected by Jesus four days later. For this reason, he is the patron saint of the sick. People petition him for help with healing injuries, curing diseases in people and pets, and obtaining protection from animals. His feast day is July 29th.

Saint Lazarus of Bethany is often conflated with another Saint Lazarus, who was a poor man mentioned in the Gospel of Luke. Because of this, some people also petition him for help with money and an escape from poverty. This other Saint Lazarus has a feast day on June 21st.

Petitioning Saint Lazarus for Healing

To request help with an illness, anoint a yellow saint candle with Saint Lazarus oil and light it on a Sunday. As it burns, visualize the afflicted person (whether it is you, or someone you know) surrounded by a healing, golden light. Say...

Saint Lazarus, patron of the injured and the ill.
I pray to you, that you might offer your divine protection to the ones who suffer with pain and sickness.
You knew the pain of disease. You protect and aid those who suffer.
Heal the afflicted, allow them to return to health with strength, peace, and joy.
Keep evil away from my body and the bodies of those I love.
I pray to you, Saint Lazarus, to grant us your protection and healing.

If you wish to change a line or add your own wording to make this prayer more personal, please do so. Saint Lazarus hears all requests that come from the heart.

Protection for a Sickroom

In homes or rooms where someone is ill, it is important to care for the entire space. If possible, set up a small space dedicated to the saint, with a statue or prayer card with his image. Clean the space thoroughly, then cleanse it by mopping the floors from back to front with Saint Lazarus Bath & Floor Wash. Lastly, light some Saint Lazarus incense and carry it through your home. As you do this, say a short prayer:

Saint Lazarus, protect and heal everyone within this place.
Guard our bodies against evil.
Strengthen our souls.
Let us be free of injuries and illness.
Saint Lazarus, let us be healthy, whole, and happy again, I pray.

If you like, you can also sprinkle Saint Lazarus sachet powder in the corners of your home or room.

Petition to Heal an Animal

Seeing your pet become sick can be a very frightening, powerless feeling. You can help them by giving them a clean, comfortable space to rest, and performing a small, simple healing ritual. Hold your hands over the animal, and picture them surrounded by a warm, gentle light. Call out to Saint Lazarus in whichever way feels appropriate -- you can change one of the above prayers to suit your needs, or say,

Saint Lazarus, I pray to you.
This [animal] is a part of my family. Though not human, s/he shows me love, compassion, and understanding.
I ask that you, who is a protector of dogs, bring healing to my pet.
Protect him/her from any evil that may try to harm him/her.
I ask for your protection, Saint Lazarus.

For Help with a Chronic Condition

Chronic pain and illness never really go away, but you can still ask Saint Lazarus for relief from pain and suffering. Wear a Saint Lazarus medal or carry a talisman to bring his power and protection with you every day. If you find yourself having a rough day, take some time to picture yourself within a bubble of warm, white light. Say, either out loud or to yourself,

Saint Lazarus, I am having a hard time.
I ask you, to bring me peace and relief from my suffering, and protect me from any evil that might try to harm me today.
Saint Lazarus, grant me healing and safety.

To Catholics, Saint Lazarus is a symbol of Jesus' power over death. Even if you are not a Catholic, you can ask him for help with healing, pain relief, and protection from illness. Speak from the heart, and he will hear you.