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  1. Magic sword moses book 01

    The Magic of the Sword of Moses: A Practical Guide to Its Spells, Amulets, and Ritual


    A practical guide to the famed medieval book of pre-kabbalistic Jewish magic, freshly interpreted and revealed for the first time with instructions...

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  2. Psalm magic 74506

    Psalm Magic

    Starting at $16.95

    From the Notebooks of Anna Riva this new title will provide insight into how to work with the psalms to aid your spiritual journey.

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  3. Psalm workbook 05451

    Psalm Workbook

    Starting at $14.95

    This large-print King James version of the Book of Psalms contains nearly 400 simple rituals and procedures that can be used to help you accomplish...

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  4. Collection of selected prayers 65691

    Collection of Selected Prayers

    Starting at $4.95

    Prayers for special favors, for those who are afflicted, to make bad spirits go away, to ask for advice and to resist temptation. 146 pages by Alan...

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  5. Secrets psalms

    Secrets of the Psalms

    Starting at $12.95

    Including 150 Psalms from the Holy Bible (King James Version) A fragment of the practical Kabala, with the purposes of the Psalms to become...

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  6. Success and power psalms

    Success & Power Through Psalms

    Starting at $8.95

    Donna Rose does it again with Success and Power through the Psalms, which guides us through psalms for money drawing, removing hexes, changing your...

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  7. Helping yourself with selected prayer 39657

    Helping Yourself with Selected Prayers

    Starting at $8.95

    Helping Yourself with Selected Prayers provides you with a translation of over 125 prayers for various beliefs, spiritualities, and superstitions....

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  8. Powers of the psalms 07564

    Powers of the Psalms

    Starting at $11.95

    This small concise book by Anna Riva includes 375 different ways to use psalms for love, power, revenge, success, blessings, prosperity,...

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  9. Selected prayers vol2 10165

    Helping Yourself with Selected Prayers Volume #2

    Starting at $9.95

    Now With 170 Prayers! The prayers from Volume 2 come from diverse sources. Most originated in Roman Catholicism and can still be found in one form...

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