Candle burning days

The Best Days and Moon Phases For Candle Magic Rituals

The eternal flame has played a role in human spirituality since man first discovered fire. This is the origin of using ritual candles for spiritual intention. There is a misconception that candle burning is negative, but the reality is candle burning is a part of virtually every spiritual denomination.

Ritual candle burning is a very intricate practice. There are certain days that are better for certain candle prayers, and there are also certain times within the lunar cycle that are best for certain types of prayers and affirmations. There are even different energies attracted or repelled depending upon the color of the candle. Here are some of the best times to perform your candle rituals to attract what you desire.

Choosing the Right Day of the Week for Your Candle Ritual

Throughout human history, the heavens have played a large role in man's spirituality. The names of the planets are in reference to Roman gods, who were all based on the Greek gods. There is a planetary body associated with each day of the week, and the characteristics of each planetary body are associated with colors. In order to invoke this ancient spiritual energy, people burn candles according to the color associated with the theme of their affirmation.


Sunday is, as the name suggests, the day of the Sun. It's a great day for intentions regarding the banishment of negative energies. It's also a good day for attracting healing energies. The color candles that burn best on Sunday are yellow, orange, and white. Anoint the candles with lavender oil or sage oil.


Monday is the Moon's day. The moon is the representation of the feminine spirit, so it’s a good day for intentions involving communication. Things like reconciliation are best wished for on Mondays. The color candles for Mondays are the colors of the moon: white and gray. Use ylang-ylang oil and lavender oil to dress the candles.


Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war. Tuesday is a day associated with courage, which makes it a good day for wishes for a loved one to return safely from war. It also represents the courage to face personal struggles, as well as physical challenges. Any candle burned on Tuesday should be a shade of red. Ginger oil and clove oil are best for red candles.


Mercury, the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology, rules Wednesday. This makes Wednesday a day of communication, with a focus on business transactions. It's also a great day for intentions involving the pursuit of knowledge. Yellow, purple, and gray candles are perfect to burn on Wednesdays. Anoint candles with frankincense or patchouli oil.


Thursday, ruled by Jupiter, is the perfect day for attracting luck and wealth. It's also a good day for burning candles with the intention of attracting healing energies. Farmers should burn candles on Thursdays for a healthy and plentiful crop. Blue and brown candles burn well on this day. Anoint candles with rosemary oil or lemongrass oil.


Friday is the day of Venus, who was the Roman goddess of love and sex. This makes Friday the day to perform any affirmations regarding your love life. It's also a good day to address any relationship or partnership in your life. The color candle that burns the best on Friday is pink. Ylang-ylang oil is a great oil to use on a pink candle.


Saturday is Saturn's day, and it is the day for intentions regarding a major change in your life. It's also a great day for those looking to pursue psychic wisdom, particularly in the realm of spirit communication. Affirmations for locating lost things should be done on Saturdays. This should be accentuated by burning either a gray, black, blue, or purple candle. Anoint candles with sandalwood or frankincense oil.

How the Moon Phases of the Lunar Cycle Affect Your Candle Rituals

Many people believe the lunar cycle and the phases of the Moon have a special influence on the subtle energies that affect their lives.

The Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon is the phase where the Moon is progressing from its new phase to its full phase. This makes it a good time for any intention involving attraction. If you're trying to attract a new job, a new lover, or more money, then you should be performing your candle rituals during this phase.

The Waning Moon

The waning phase is when the Moon is moving from its full phase to its new phase. This is the time for affirmations regarding removal. If you're looking to keep a certain thing from happening, then you should perform your candle rituals during this phase. It's also the phase for anything that has to do with protection.

The New Moon

The New Moon is the time to start new projects and set new goals. Starting a candle ritual during this phase can help you start anew with a fresh outlook.

The Full Moon

The Full Moon is when the Moon has completed its journey. It’s during this time when we celebrate all that we have accomplished and pay gratitude for all that we have. Starting a new candle ritual during a Full Moon is also helpful with motivation, self-improvement, and increased psychic abilities.

The power of a burning ritual candle is far beyond human comprehension. All that we know is certain days, and certain times of the lunar cycle, are essential for knowing the best time to burn candles in order to attract what you want.