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  1. Powers of the psalms 07564

    Powers of the Psalms


    This small concise book by Anna Riva includes 375 different ways to use psalms for love, power, revenge, success, blessings, prosperity,...

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  2. Helping yourself with selected prayer 39657

    Helping Yourself with Selected Prayers


    Helping Yourself with Selected Prayers provides you with a translation of over 125 prayers for various beliefs, spiritualities, and superstitions....

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  3. Sacred ifa oracle book 16806

    The Sacred Ifa Oracle


    Explores the essence of life by means of the ancient African divination tool, which is also the spiritual foundation of Candombl, Santeria, and Vodun

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  4. Stellas success dream book 93654

    Stella's Success From Dream


    This book consists of 128 pages of dream keywords with several three-digit and three-pair numeral combinations for each dream, plus a predictive...

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  5. Magical and ritual use of herbs 65616

    The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs


    Richard Alan Miller has thoroughly researched the historical use, chemical structure, preparation for consumption, and magical rituals related to...

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  6. Voodoo doll spellbook 12461

    The Voodoo Doll Spellbook


    If you are seeking a new job or new friends, need to find your one true love or keep your lover at home, wish to be rid of your enemies or protect...

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  7. Yemaya olokun book 70134

    Yemoja/Olokun: Ifa and the Spirit of the Ocean


    Yemoja/Olokun is the name of two spiritual forces in the West African religious tradition called "Ifa". The word Yemoja is an elision of the Yoruba...

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  8. Witches calendar 2023

    2023 Witches Calendar by Llewellyn


    Get inspired by unique and provocative articles. Take advantage of astrological data and magical correspondences. And delight in enchanting...

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  9. Eshu elegua book 09485

    Eshu Elegua; Santeria and the Orisha of the Crossroads


    Elegua is the opener of the doors; the messenger of the gods; he is a great diviner who does not need an oracle to see the future.

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  10. Magic seals sign signatures 05601

    Magical Seals, Signs & Signatures


    There are literally hundreds of different seals, in keeping with various traditions. These images are used to invoke certain specifically desired...

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  11. Complete book of baths 50601

    Complete Book of Baths


    Featuring baths for money, love, health, spiritual growth, happiness, psychic defense and much more. Learn methods of preparing a bath, herbs to...

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  12. Powers of the orishas 35030

    Powers of the Orishas


    During the slave trade, the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria who were brought to Cuba were forbidden the practice of their religion by their Spanish...

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  13. Eab81e1d a390 49e0 8314 d0673dcab981 CR00500500 PT0 SX300 31982

    African Cowrie Shells Divination: History, Theory & Practice


    Divination with cowrie shells is one of the oldest known spiritual practices in the world. Originated by the Yoruba people of West Africa, cowrie...

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  14. Money rituals book 69179

    Magical Rituals for Money


    This is a book of easy-to-do spells to obtain money or good luck. These traditional rituals and information have been used by practitioners for...

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  15. Ochosi book 07889

    Ochosi: Ifá and the Spirit of the Tracker


    Ochosi is the Spirit of the Tracker in the West African religious tradition called Ifá. The power of Ochosi is described by Ifá as one of many...

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