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  1. Throwing bones book cover

    Throwing Bones, Crystals, Stones, and Curios


    Your essential guide to mastering the art of fortune casting. This beautifully illustrated book teaches you to use items like shells, roots, dice,...

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  2. Witches encyclopedia magical plants

    The Witches' Encyclopedia of Magical Plants: History, Folklore, Correspondences, and Spells


    The Witches' Encyclopedia of Magical Plants is a vital guide for magic practitioners, offering profiles on herbs, fruits, and more for various...

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  3. High john conqueror charms rituals front

    High John the Conqueror Charms & Rituals


    An insightful journey into African American folk spirituality, focusing on the legendary spirit known for empowering and blessing lives. This guide...

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  4. Llewellyns little book witchcraft

    Llewellyn's Little Book of Witchcraft


    Explore the enchanting realm of witchcraft with Llewellyn's Little Book of Witchcraft by Deborah Blake. This compact guide offers nearly seventy...

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  5. 365 days of hoodoo

    365 Days of Hoodoo: Daily Rootwork, Mojo & Conjuration


    365 Days of Hoodoo is your go-to guide for diving deep into Hoodoo's powerful tradition every day of the year. It's packed with practical spells,...

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  6. Practical candle magic

    Practical Candle Magic: Witchcraft with Wick & Wax


    Unlock the secrets of candle magic with "Practical Candle Magic: Witchcraft with Wick & Wax" by Rachel Patterson. This guide offers over...

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  7. Conjuring the calabash

    Conjuring the Calabash: Empowering Women with Hoodoo Spells & Magick


    Conjuring the Calabash: Empowering Women with Hoodoo Spells & Magick is a powerful guide celebrating diverse magicks from black, queer,...

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  8. Magical herb compendium

    Magical Herb Compendium: Correspondences, Spells, and Meditations


    Magical Herb Compendium by Aurora is an essential guide to magical herbalism. It delves into spiritual uses, folklore, and safety, alongside...

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  9. Love spells for the modern witch

    Love Spells for the Modern Witch: A Spell Book for Matters of the Heart


    Discover the magic of love with "Love Spells for the Modern Witch," a captivating guide that transcends traditional spell books. This unique tome...

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  10. Crystal ball gazing 75515

    Crystal Ball Gazing


    Your complete guide to choosing and reading your crystal ball.

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  11. Modern witchcraft book crystal magick

    The Modern Witchcraft Book of Crystal Magick


    Explore the enchanting realm of crystal magic through "The Modern Witchcraft Book of Crystal Magick." This detailed guide provides a deep dive into...

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  12. Granny thornapples book charms

    Granny Thornapple's Book of Charms: Magic & Folklore from the Ozark Mountains


    "Little Ann's Journey" follows the life of Ann, born during a thunderstorm in Nelson's Holler, who becomes a respected charmer known as "Granny...

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  13. Marie laveau voodoo grimoire

    The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire: Rituals, Recipes, and Spells for Healing, Protection, Beauty, Love, and More


    The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire is a modern guidebook inspired by the traditions of Marie Laveau, the legendary Queen of New Orleans Voodoo,...

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  14. Llewellyns 2024 astrological pocket planner

    Llewellyn's 2024 Astrological Pocket Planner


    Llewellyn's Astrological Pocket Planner, a trusted resource for over 25 years, provides astrological insights in a compact format. It helps...

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  15. Llewellyns 2024 witches companion

    Llewellyn's 2024 Witches' Companion


    Stay informed about the most current developments in witchcraft, receive exclusive wisdom from your favorite authors, and explore practical...

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