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  1. Controlling powder 39037

    Controlling Sachet Powder

    Starting at $4.95

    Wear or sprinkle the Controlling powder to gain complete control over any situation. Rub on your body or use it to dress our 7 Day Controlling...

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  2. Hemlock oil 09727

    Hemlock Oil

    Starting at $4.95

    This anointing oil is for use in black magic, allowing you to control others and seek the aid of powerful spirits. For external use only.

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  3. I can you cant perfume 20884

    I Can You Can't Perfume - Yo Puedo Y Tu No Perfume

    Starting at $5.95

    Wear our I Can You Can't - Yo Puedo Y Tu No Perfume to one-up your enemy or opponent.

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  4. Do as i say powder 78759

    Do As I Say Sachet Powder

    Starting at $4.95

    Our Do As I Say powder is a powerful controlling sachet used to make people bend to your will. Wear it on your body or use it to dress our 7-Day...

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  5. High john conqueror charms rituals front

    High John the Conqueror Charms & Rituals


    An insightful journey into African American folk spirituality, focusing on the legendary spirit known for empowering and blessing lives. This guide...

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  6. Marie laveau voodoo grimoire

    The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire: Rituals, Recipes, and Spells for Healing, Protection, Beauty, Love, and More


    The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire is a modern guidebook inspired by the traditions of Marie Laveau, the legendary Queen of New Orleans Voodoo,...

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  7. Attraction commanding lotion

    Marta La Dominadora Attraction & Commanding Lotion

    Starting at $9.95

    Our Marta La Dominadora Attraction & Commanding Lotion is a powerful spiritual aid designed for those seeking to harness control and allure in...

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  8. Amarra hombre 1oz

    Amarra Hombre

    Starting at $12.95

    Ignite a powerful connection with Amarra Hombre perfume. Immerse him in an atmosphere of dedication and profound intimacy. Allow this mesmerizing...

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  9. Seal mephistopheles talisman 99246

    The Seal of Mephistopheles Amulet

    Starting at $9.95

    The Seal of Mephistopheles Amulet is a powerful symbol of magic and occultism. Mephistopheles is a demon from German folklore and a character in...

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  10. Amansa guapo tame him cologne

    Crusellas Tame Him (Amansa Guapo) Cologne

    Starting at $6.95

    Wear this Crusellas Tame Him (Amansa Guapo) Cologne to keep control over your man and keep him faithful to you alone.

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  11. Mojo bog commanding

    Blessed Commanding Mojo Bag


    Use this Blessed Commanding Case Mojo Bag (Brujeria Resguardo) to gain an upper hand, and dominate, your enemies. Each bag carries a carefully...

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  12. Ven a mi come to me candle 14 day prepared 32958

    Come To Me (Ven A Mi) 14 Day Prepared Candle

    Starting at $29.95

    Burn our Come To Me (Ven A Mi) 14 Day Prepared Candle to attract the one you desire and dominate the heart of the one you love.

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  13. Dominadora statue 47987

    Martha the Dominator (Martha Dominadora) Statue 7"


    Martha the Dominator earned her name from common depictions. In many pictures, she is holding a torch, a bible, and holy water, with a dragon or...

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  14. Martha dominidora car statue 37792

    Martha the Dominator (Martha Dominadora) Car Statue


    Martha Dominadora, or Martha the Dominator, is the "Spirit of Good Luck", the patron saint of housewives, service workers, and hospitality. Many...

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  15. 14 day candle tied up nailed

    Tied Up and Nailed 14 Day Prepared Candle

    Starting at $29.95

    Burn the Tied Up and Nailed (Amarrado y Claveteado)14 Day Prepared candle to bind someone to you for as long as you want.

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