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  1. Green pepper custom big al candles 23822

    Green Pepper Custom Big Al Candle

    Starting at $19.95

    Our custom-made Big Al candles are triple strength 7-day prepared candles. This Green Pepper candle will help combat any witchcraft hexes and...

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  2. Condition bath salt 51546

    Condition Bath Salt

    Starting at $4.95

    Our Condition Bath salts are used to remove a crossed condition or hex.

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  3. Claearance oil 79018

    Clearance (Aclaramiento) Oil

    Starting at $4.95

    Clearance Oil (Aceite de Aclaramiento) is a spiritual tool designed to clear away negative energy and promote purification. A blend of natural oils...

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  4. Espanta muerto fresh herb 93981

    Fresh Espanta Muerto Plant

    Starting at $4.95

    The Espanta Muerto plant (Aberikolo in Lucumi) (False Daisy bush or Tattoo Plant in English) has been known in the spiritual networks to work...

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  5. Jinx removing oil 55672

    Jinx Removing (Corta Fluida) Oil

    Starting at $4.95

    Jinx Removing Oil (Aceite de Corta Fluida) is a blend of traditional herbs and essential oils designed to remove obstacles and negative energy for...

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  6. Jinx Removing2

    Jinx Removing Intention Kit


    Dispel negative influences and restore harmony to your life with the Jinx Removing Intention Kit. Each element in this kit has been carefully...

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  7. Jinx 7day 63282

    Jinx Removing Multicolor 7 Day Prayer Candle

    Starting at $8.95

    Burn our 7 Day Jinx Removing candle to remove jinx or crossed condition. If you believe that someone has placed a hex or curse on you or your...

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  8. Reversible ritual bundle

    Reversible Ritual Bundle


    This Reversible Ritual product bundle packs six powerful products into one low-price discount bundle. Perfect for yourself or as a gift. Reverse...

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  9. Quita maldicion jinx remover cologne

    Crusellas Quita Maldicion (Jinx Remover) Cologne

    Starting at $6.95

    Use this Crusellas Quita Maldicion (Jinx Remover) Cologne to remove a jinx or a crossed condition, or a curse or hex from you or your family.

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  10. Expell witchcraft perfume extract 14191

    Expel Witchcraft Perfume

    Starting at $12.95

    Specially handcrafted perfume to separate, remove, reject and scare away any kind of hex, witchcraft, or sorcery that threatens your will, your...

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  11. Peonia seeds 57396

    Peonia Seeds

    Starting at $4.95

    Use these seeds for healing, protection, and removing hexes. Peonia seeds can also be used in exorcisms and to stop misfortune. 1oz Bag

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  12. Holy death soap ohli way

    Holy Death Soap

    Starting at $4.95

    Holy Death Soap can break spells and keep you safe. This creamy textured glycerin soap will leave your skin cleaned and refreshed. For protection,...

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  13. Mojo bog spellbreaker

    Blessed Spellbreaker Mojo Bag


    Use this Blessed Spellbreaker Mojo Bag (Brujeria Resguardo) to shatter a spell or hex that might have been put upon you. Each bag carries a...

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  14. 14 Day Candle Protection From Harm

    Protection From Harm 14 Day Prepared Candle

    Starting at $29.95

    Burn the Protection From Harm (Contra Maldad)14 Day Prepared candle to protect you and your family from evil forces, jinxes and hexes.

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  15. Custom scented condition candle 95761

    Condition Custom Scented Candle

    Starting at $10.95

    If you feel like a hex or curse has been placed on you, you need our Condition Candle! Burn our 7 day custom scented Condition candle to removed...

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