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  1. Candle Black Plain 7 Day

    7 Day Plain Candle Black

    Starting at $5.95

    Burn our 7 Day Plain Black candle for separation, to break a spell, or to banish evil.

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  2. Quita maldicion fresh herb 85139

    Fresh Quita Maldicion Plant

    Starting at $4.95

    One of the most famous and widely used herbs in all spiritual systems. This Go Away Evil bush will help remove any negative forces or dark entities...

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  3. Spiritualists choose candle burn altar

    Let Our Spiritualists Choose a Candle to Burn For You On Our Altar


    Let our in-house Spiritualists be your guide! Simply list your intentions, wishes, and dreams, and they will choose a candle to burn on our altar...

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  4. 7 wicks 7 potencias candle

    7 Potencias 7 Wicks Candle, 7 Color

    Starting at $15.95

    This 7 Potencias 7 Wicks candle merges the power of a Seven African Powers candle with the strength of a seven wicks candle. Break and neutralize...

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  5. Spell Breaking Kit2

    Spell Breaking Intention Kit


    Break free from negative energies and dispel unwanted spells with our powerful Spell Breaking Intention Kit. This kit helps by releasing spiritual...

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  6. Reversible ritual bundle

    Reversible Ritual Bundle


    This Reversible Ritual product bundle packs six powerful products into one low-price discount bundle. Perfect for yourself or as a gift. Reverse...

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  7. Holy death soap ohli way

    Holy Death Soap

    Starting at $4.95

    Holy Death Soap can break spells and keep you safe. This creamy textured glycerin soap will leave your skin cleaned and refreshed. For protection,...

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  8. 14 day tumba trabajo 60660

    Tumba Trabajo 14 Day Prepared Candle

    Starting at $29.95

    Burn our Tumba Trabajo 14 Day Prepared candle to break up a jinx or crossed condition. Each candle is prepared and sealed on the top of the candle....

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  9. Black magic protection 62986

    7X7 Black Magic Protection Bath


    This bath is charged with over 9 difference properties to ensure you're protection against all black magic and witchcraft. Comes with a Black Magic...

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  10. Quita maldicion curse remover candle 03042

    Curse Remover Custom Scented Candle

    Starting at $10.95

    Burn our 7 day custom scented Curse Remover candle to break up a curse or hex that has been placed upon you. Each one of these 7 day candles are...

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  11. Against witchcraft spiritual bracelet 90236

    Against Witchcraft Bracelet

    Starting at $14.95

    Emerald and Jasper have been used for centuries against witchcraft because the combination of these two powerful gems will destroy any witchcraft...

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  12. Spell breaker inc incense powder 59120

    Spell Breaker Incense Powder

    Starting at $4.95

    Burn our Spellbreaker Incense Powder to shatter a spell or hex that might have been put upon you. Self-Lighting Incense Powder Available in 2oz...

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  13. Work breaker inc incense powder 59308

    Work Breaker Incense Powder

    Starting at $4.95

    Burn our Work Breaker Incense Powder to remove witchcraft and/or break up a crossed condition. Self-Lighting Incense Powder Available in 2oz Cans,...

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  14. Spell breaker powder 46612

    Spell Breaker Sachet Powder

    Starting at $4.95

    Wear or sprinkle our Spell Breaker powder to break up a spell or a hex that has been placed on you. Wear on your body for spiritual protection,...

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  15. Quita maldicion herb bath 44412

    Curse Remover Herb Bath (Quita Maldicion)

    Starting at $4.95

    The Curse Remover Herb Bath (Quita Maldicion) is a blend of herbs designed to dispel negative energy and purify the aura. By taking this bath,...

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