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Granny Thornapple's Book of Charms: Magic & Folklore from the Ozark Mountains

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"Little Ann's Journey" follows the life of Ann, born during a thunderstorm in Nelson's Holler, who becomes a respected charmer known as "Granny Thornapple." Authored by Brandon Weston, the book intertwines Ann's fictional story, inspired by real healers, with Ozark charming traditions. It features practical charms and encourages readers to discover their own charming abilities through folk wisdom and familiar tales.


Little Ann's story begins in Nelson's Holler amidst a thunderstorm, coinciding with her grandmother's passing, marking her birth with a unique gift. This tale follows Ann as she navigates life, learns traditional folkways, harnesses her innate cunning, and ultimately rises to prominence as her community's revered charmer, known as "Granny Thornapple."

Each chapter, penned by Brandon Weston, opens with an intriguing glimpse into this fictional healer's life, inspired by real-life interviews with numerous healers. Beyond these engaging stories, Weston delves into the authentic teachings and practices of the Ozark charming tradition, a heritage richly conveyed through oral storytelling.

Weston presents a collection of charms serving practical needs, from thwarting theft to kindling a fire, and soothing toothaches. Immerse yourself in this mountainous magic, interwoven with well-known poems and verses found in nursery rhymes and fairy tales. This journey invites you to awaken and cultivate your inherent charming capabilities, drawing on the intuitive wisdom of these folkways.

  • 288 pages