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Change Your Luck with These Spells

Everyone experiences a run of bad luck every once in a while. For some people, this is only temporary -- their luck turns around. Others might need a little help bringing their good fortune back. If you want to change your luck, you do not have to wait for circumstances to turn in your favor. You can use these spells to help shake the bad vibes, and bring back your blessings and good luck.

Quick Spell to Break Bad Luck

For this, you will need a piece of paper or parchment, a pen, and a Luck Affirmations pillar candle. This spell is best performed outside, during a waning moon.

Write down a list of all of the misfortunes that you have experienced on the paper or parchment. Hold the paper in your hands, and picture it absorbing all of your misfortune. When you feel that it holds all of the bad luck it can, use the pen to draw an X across the entire list. Light the candle, and say,

"With this flame, I banish bad luck."

Light the paper in the candle flame, and set it in a fireproof dish to burn. Allow the fire of luck to consume all of your misfortune. When you are through, snuff the candle, scatter the ashes far from your home, and save the rest of the candle for the next time you need a luck boost.

Moon Cycle Luck Spell

This spell requires black, white, and gold candles, and some Luck In A Hurry oil. Start it on the day of the full moon -- it takes a full month to perform, so it should run from one full moon to the next.

Anoint the candles with the Luck In A Hurry oil. The black candle represents the luck you wish to change. The white candle neutralizes this bad luck. The gold candle represents the luck you embrace in the future.

Light the black candle first. Say, "I banish all bad luck from my life."

Light the white candle next. Say, "I invite only good luck and light in."

Light the gold candle last. Say, "From here on out, only good fortune remains here."

Allow the candles to burn for a bit, as you meditate on all of the ways you want your luck to change. Say a few words of thanks for the luck that is on its way, and snuff the candles. Repeat every night from one full moon to the next. When you are through, dispose of the remains of the black candle far from your home. Dispose of the remains of the white candle at a crossroads. Bury the remains of the gold candle near your front door.

Bathe in Luck

Spiritual baths are helpful for drawing away the things you do not want, and letting you bathe in the things you do. You can begin this spell on any day, and repeat it as often as you need to. To perform it, you will need a clean bath or wash tub, chamomile flowers, four citrine points, and either Bring Back Luck bath oil, or Bad Luck Out/Good Luck In Big Al bath & floor wash.

Fill the bath with clean water. Place the four citrine stones at each corner of the bath, points facing inward. Add the bath oil or bath & floor wash, and sprinkle the chamomile over the water. As you step into the bath, visualize the water cleansing away all of your misfortune. Close your eyes and relax, giving your aura a chance to soak up the luck-bringing energy of the bath. When you feel ready, step out of the bath, and allow yourself to air dry. If possible, dispose of the water by throwing it over your shoulder, towards the sunrise.

Bad luck is frustrating. It can make it seem like everything you do might be doomed to failure, through no fault of your own. If you are tired of misfortune, you can turn your luck around at any time. All it takes is some dedication, the right mindset, and the magical tools to set you back on the right path.