Lucky buddha success

Drawing the Power of the Lucky Buddha

The image of Buddha has long been associated with success, fortune, and good luck. Born in Indian in 563 B.C. with the given name Gautama Siddhartha, he is better known to the world as Buddha. Buddha used his voice to promote and teach what he had found to be the true meaning of life. This icon is believed by Buddhists to be an ideal human being, and a guide who can lead us all towards Enlightenment.

The word Buddha means ‘one who is awake’. Buddha spent his adult life teaching that nirvana was something that people could reach by following path of meditation and introspective thinking. Those searching for peace and harmony are drawn to the simplistic and unpretentious nature of Buddha’s beliefs. The wonderful thing about Buddha and his beliefs is that they can be embraced by people of every religion, race, gender, and nationality. Every one of us can benefit from enhanced luck and good fortune.

Calling on Buddha

The Buddha is depicted with different symbols and talismans. He is often shown with beads hanging from his neck. These beads are often referred to as the ‘pearls of wisdom’. Many like to keep the Buddha with beads close by the place they normally meditate, whether it is an indoor altar or relaxing outdoor space. Another common attribute of Buddha is a cloth bag. There are different opinions about what the bag he carries represent. Some believe it symbolizes all the riches the believer will receive. Others believe that Buddha takes your worries from you and stuffs them in the bag making sure you stay happy and worry-free.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate the power of Buddha into your luck and prosperity rituals. When preparing for a ritual, it is always helpful to cleanse your surroundings. An excellent way to do this is to mop the floor of your home or work place with Buddha Bath and Floor Wash. Take time to align your ritual work with nature and perform the ceremony during a waxing moon phase, so that the moon grows bigger during your process. If your ritual does not coincide with the moon phases, do not worry. There is no harm in doing the work at the time most convenient for you.

A Buddha candle or Buddha amulet should be placed on your altar to help focus your intention. When praying and requesting a favor to Buddha, orchid wreaths or garlands are often offered to Buddha statues. Their white color symbolizes the beauty of Buddha's teachings. When they get old, they symbolize the fragility of life.

Once your space is ready to receive Buddha’s assistance, fill a 5” incense pot with Buddha Incense Powder. Light the incense and walk throughout your home, spreading the pungent aroma as you move from room to room. Place the incense pot on your altar. Anoint a Buddha 7 day scented candle with Prosperity oil. Concentrate on your desired goal and light the candle.

You may burn the candle in 15 minute increments or let it burn through to the end, no matter how long it takes. Burn your Buddha incense every time you light the candle.

When you are done manifesting, your Buddha amulet can be moved to different locations, depending on your needs.

  • Place it in your living room to bring good luck to your home
  • Place it at the Southeast of your house to bring wealth
  • Place it at South for knowledge
  • Display it at the East for health
  • Display it in front of your cashier or register counter to bring more business
  • Place it at Southwest for happiness
  • Place it on your desk near where you work or study to concentrate your mind

Throughout his life, Buddha traveled and shared his message of peace and happiness. Upon his deathbed, his final message was this: “All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation.” In other words, it is ultimately up to us to create a place of security, tranquility, and serenity. Live your life with honor and compassion and you will be rewarded with prosperity and good fortune.