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The Treadwell's Book of Plant Magic

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In The "Treadwell's Book of Plant Magic," Christina Oakley Harrington explores the magical properties attributed to plants, drawing from extensive traditional sources. This compendium provides practical updates to ancient uses, presenting readers with a comprehensive guide to employing plants for various purposes while offering references to delve deeper into the subject.


In her book titled "Plant Magic Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide," Christina Oakley Harrington, the esteemed founder of Treadwell's Books in London, delves deeply into the mystical properties ascribed to plants. Meticulously sifting through numerous ancient texts, she has curated an exceptional anthology of the "ancient methods" through which plants have been harnessed for purposes such as attracting love, achieving victory in competitions, attaining invisibility, acquiring good fortune, succeeding in endeavors, receiving protection, and much more.

Furthermore, this book provides contemporary adaptations of these age-old applications, making them easily accessible to modern readers. Within the section on "Challenges and Remedies," the author offers precise recommendations for selecting the most suitable plant or plants for virtually any life circumstance one may encounter. Every enchantment is accompanied by meticulous references to its traditional source, facilitating further exploration and study for the avid reader.