The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye:The History, Mystery, and Magic of the Quiet Curse

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"The Evil Eye: Safeguarding Against an Ancient Force" by Antonio Pagliarulo is a practical and modern exploration of the enduring phenomenon of the Evil Eye in folk magic. With cultural anecdotes, mystical lore, and practical advice, the book delves into its origins, provides methods for diagnosing and curing it, and explores the use of protective talismans across different cultures.


Uncover the ancient and enigmatic realm of folk magic with Antonio Pagliarulo's illuminating book, "The Evil Eye: Safeguarding Against an Ancient Force." This practical and contemporary exploration delves into the origins, causes, and manifestations of the Evil Eye, providing invaluable guidance on how to protect oneself from its malevolent influence. From tracing its historical and cultural significance across diverse traditions to exploring the use of protective talismans like the Hamsa and Italian cornicello, this captivating work offers insights and remedies to counteract the pervasive power of this enduring force.