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Seal, Sigil & Call

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Seal, Sigil & Call is a beginner-friendly book that combines Eastern and Western traditions to introduce readers to a new school of ceremonial magic. J.R. Mascaro's innovative system of ritual magic, paneidolism, allows individuals to connect with spirit entities, enhance personal development, and explore a broader ontological perspective, leading to inner peace and self-realization.


Unifying Eastern and Western philosophies, Seal, Sigil & Call presents a distinct path in ceremonial magic. Through a blend of Tantric, Qabalistic, and tradition-free spiritual practices, J. R. Mascaro guides beginners towards understanding energy, centered awareness, and introduces paneidolism—a unique system of ritual magic that facilitates contact and collaboration with eidolons, spirit entities aiding personal growth. By transcending limitations of specific spiritual traditions, this book equips readers with powerful ontological tools to expand consciousness, find inner peace, and manifest their highest state of being.