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Precipitado is a magical-chemical agent that enhances love and relationship spells and spiritual practices. Made from boiling pure mercury and available in crystal form, it increases energy flow for desires and accelerates the manifestation of requests. It is used in a wide range of love spells and talismanic magic.


Precipitado is a magical-chemical agent that boosts spiritual practices, especially those related to love and relationships. It is utilized to increase the flow of energy for one's desires and hasten the manifestation of requests. This classic ingredient in a witch's laboratory is made by boiling pure mercury and comes in crystal form. Precipitado is used in a wide range of love spells, including attraction, sweetening, reconciliation, and lovemaking, as well as in powders, oils, elixirs, and other magic compounds. It is also utilized in talismanic magic to enhance amulets, gris sachets, and fortune receipts. Precipitado can be sprinkled on red or green candles to attract love, used to prepare magic salts, and incorporated into other powerful compounds

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