Separation rituals

How to Perform Separation Rituals

Break-up, or separation rituals, can be helpful in many different scenarios - you need to separate from a stale relationship, your partner refuses to let you go emotionally, you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, or any other situation where it is better for two individuals to be apart from one another.

Infidelity is another reason to perform a break up spell. Hurt and resentment from cheating can linger causing frustration and suffering for all parties involved. To save your relationship, separation spells can be helpful to break up your partner and the other person involved.

It is important to understand that spells are powerful and should always be used with good intentions. Breaking up two people because they are ruining your marriage is necessary. Breaking up a couple who are truly in love solely because you want a relationship with one of them will backfire on you because your intentions are ego driven and negative. You will get faster results when you use these spells for healthy reasons.

Various Separation Rituals

If you feel that someone is getting in the way of you and your partner, write the names of your partner and the other person on a piece of paper and place them under our Back to Back Separation Candles. Anoint the candle with our Break Up Oil or Separation Oil. Set your intentions and burn the candle, visualizing these two people separating.

To sever ties between two people:

  • Light our 7 Day Custom Scented Separation candle seven days in a row, pinching out the flames each time.
  • Anoint two red or black candles with Break Up Oil and Separation Powder.
  • Write one name on each candle.
  • Cut a heart out of black construction paper and write their names on it as well; one name on each side of the heart.
  • Place the heart next to the two candles. These candles should be touching. Light the candles and clearly state your wishes.
  • Each day when you start your ritual, place the candles further away from each other. By the 7th day, the candles should be very far apart. It’s at this time you can tear the heart in two, each piece should having one name on it, signally the end of their relationship.
  • Carry the heart pieces with you until your wishes come true. Then bury the broken heart outside or throw into the ocean.

Another ritual you can perform to separate a couple is filling a bowl with vinegar, red peppers and our Break Up Oil. On a piece of paper, write the names of the people you wish to separate and place it in the bowl. Leave it on your altar for at least seven days. You can then use that mixture in any area you know the couple might pass or simply toss the mixture in a river or lake.

To get yourself or someone you know out of an unhealthy relationship and start the healing process, dress a black candle with Separation Oil and Separation Powder. Light the candle and recite the following:

"From now until the end of days,

let us two go our separate ways.

I wish no harm to come to she/he that loves and wants to be with me.
I want him/her well I want him/her fine,
I just don't want him/her to be mine.
For the greatest good of all"

Separation rituals are powerful tools to reclaim your relationships and well as heal from toxic ones. Used wisely, you should see positive results quickly.