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Love and Success Spells with Lodestones

Few stones are as versatile or as powerful as the lodestone. Lodestones are naturally magnetic, which means that they have an affinity for drawing things to you, whether that is money, luck, love, or anything else your heart desires. Using a lodestone, however, is a bit different from most other crystals.

Lodestone Care and Feeding

Lodestones are a form of charged magnetite. As magical tools, they need to be bathed, watered, and fed, though how often you do this depends on how often you use the stone. As a general rule, it is a good idea to feed a lodestone once a week. To feed the stone, sprinkle a small amount of iron filings or magnetic sand over it while stating your intention. This can be something simple, like, "I feed you with iron filings, so that good luck may cling to me just as these filings cling to you." Watering a lodestone is very similar. Some practitioners use whiskey for this, while others use honey, oil, or even spiritual colognes chosen for a specific purpose. Bathing lodestones helps remove dust, stickiness, and excess iron filings. Avoid using water for this (the stone may rust) -- whiskey is better.

Using Lodestones

Lodestones work through sympathetic magic. As they draw metallic things (like magnetic sand or iron filings) to them, so they will help draw love, health, and luck to you. You can also use other types of magnets, like a horseshoe or round magnet, depending on your purposes. Lodestones can be kept on you for general good luck, kept in a mojo bag (a small, round magnet is good for this), or placed beside a candle, bottle of oil, or sachet of herbs to help charge them by drawing more spiritual power into them. They can be added to almost any spells or rituals you like, and their uses are virtually endless.

A Lodestone Success Spell

First, clear your house of all dust and clutter. These represent stagnant energies that can block good luck from reaching you. Then, thoroughly mop your floors using Lodestone Bath & Floor Wash to bathe your home in the attraction powers of the lodestone.

Next, in the heart of your home, create a small success altar. Set it with objects that represent your desire -- do you want money? A successful business? A bigger house? Make this altar the focus for your desires. Place a Success Custom Big Al candle in the center, along with a lodestone. On a piece of parchment, write your desire and tuck it under the candle. Anoint the stone with a drop of Lodestone Oil. Light the candle. As it burns, sprinkle the lodestone with a pinch of gold magnetic sand, and say,

"I sprinkle this sand on you. As you draw this sand to you, may luck and success may be drawn to me."

You may also call upon your deities, spirit guides, or guardian angels. Repeat this spell over seven days. At the end of seven days, wrap the lodestone in a piece of gold cloth, and keep it with you. Do not forget to feed, bathe, and water it regularly.

A Lodestone Love Charm

Magnets are great for love spells. Mix some dried rosebuds, lavender, and jasmine flowers together, and place in a pink mojo bag. To prepare the lodestone or magnet, water it with a little bit of Patchouli cologne, and feed it with iron filings. As you sprinkle the iron filings, say,

"As you attract these bits of metal, may I attract the love I desire."

Place the lodestone in the mojo bag, and keep it on you. Before meeting new people, take some time to take a spiritual bath with a love drawing bath bomb, then take some time to sit and meditate with your love mojo in your hands. Light a little love incense, relax, and channel the attraction powers of the lodestone and the love herbs. When you are ready, go out feeling confident and radiant!

If you are up to the task of feeding, watering, and bathing a lodestone, they will repay you many times over. These natural magnets are one of the most powerful stones when it comes to drawing good things into your life, no matter what your heart desires. With time, patience, and care, you can create a powerful magical partnership that will help you achieve all of your spiritual goals.