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The Tools to Make You a Better Lover

Sexual chemistry is a very powerful thing. It is what most of us hope for when we enter a new romantic relationship, and it is what keeps the species going. Virtually nobody wants to be thought of as a mediocre lover -- instead, we want to please our partners and experience healthy, satisfying relationships.

Not everyone can be innately gifted when it comes to love. In addition to simple things, like maintaining a healthy body, listening to your partners' cues, and having good communication skills, there are a few magical ways you can become a better lover.

A Spell for Sensual Empowerment

To make a man more passionate in bed, you need one red male gender candle. For a woman, use a red female gender candle. You will also require musk oil, musk incense, and some dried jasmine flowers.

During a waxing moon, carve the name of the person you wish to empower -- either yourself, or your partner -- into the candle. Anoint it with a drop of musk oil, stroking the oil from the base of the candle to the top, nine times. Pass it through the smoke of the musk incense as you say...

With this flame I empower [myself/the name of the target], to be a lover with potency. Passionate, sensual, untiring, as I do will it, it must be.

Set the candle on a fireproof surface, sprinkle the jasmine flowers around it, and light the wick. Allow the candle to burn a half inch to an inch, as you meditate on your ideal sensual relationship. Repeat each night. When there is only a stub of the candle left, place it either under your pillow, or in a red mojo bag to carry with you.

A Passionate Bath Ritual

This spell is best performed before a night with your partner. Boil a patchouli root in some fresh water. Strain out the root, and add it to clean bathwater. Sit in the bath, visualizing it filling you with an irresistible power over the opposite sex. Imagine yourself as sensual and vibrant, able to please any lover. When you feel ready, step out of the bath. Allow yourself to air-dry. As you do this, light a Pomba Gira candle.

As the candle burns, dab yourself with a little perfume. Afrodita Mystic Musk oil helps draw a lover to you and fill them with desire, as does Hechizo Gitano. Garrapata Extract is especially useful for attracting members of the opposite sex, while Amarra Hombre is useful for specifically attracting men.

Become a Better Lover With High John the Conqueror Root

Though it is best known as an herb for court cases, many men use High John for confidence, strength, and potency. Bathe with High John the Conqueror Bath Salt, anoint your body with High John the Conqueror Oil, dust yourself with High John the Conqueror Sachet Powder, and speak your desire out loud. You can say something like, "I draw a satisfying love life to myself," or "I draw great lovemaking to me."

An Aphrodisiac Spell for Partners

For this spell, you will need a Passionate Love Candle, two drinking glasses, jasmine tea, fresh nutmeg, and some sugar.

First, brew the jasmine tea. Add about 1/4 teaspoon of freshly ground nutmeg to the tea bag or infuser, allow it to steep to your taste, then remove the tea bag, sweeten the tea, and allow it to cool. Grind a tiny bit of nutmeg and some brown sugar together, and rim each glass with the mixture. Fill the glasses with tea (you can even add a splash or two of white rum, if you like), and place on either side of the candle.

Light the candle, and join hands with your partner. Say...

May the warmth of this candle increase the warmth between us.
May our union be filled with pleasure and joy.
By jasmine flower and fragrant nutmeg, may our love be strong and our passion bright.

Lick the sugar and sip the tea. Nutmeg is a warming spice and natural aphrodisiac, and this small ritual is an excellent prelude to a romantic evening.

Everyone wants to be able to satisfy their romantic partner, but may not always know how. A little sensual magic is a great way to help you and your lover become closer, and enjoy a vibrant, healthy love life.