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Jutia Pescado Humado

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Jutia Pescado Humado is a vital offering in Santería and Ifá rituals, crafted from smoked fish and bushrat for spiritual use. It’s primarily offered to Orishas like warriors and Elegua, promoting protection, prosperity, and clearer spiritual communication. Essential for those seeking a profound bond with their faith and the divine, it enhances ritual practices with its powerful spiritual properties.


Jutia Pescado Humado, a sacred blend of smoked fish and jutia (bushrat), is an essential component in the spiritual and ritual practices of Santería, Ifá, and other Afro-Caribbean religions. Revered for its powerful spiritual properties, this mixture is traditionally used in offerings to the Orishas, especially to warriors and Eleguá, to secure protection, prosperity, and open paths.

Its potent energy aids in connecting with the divine, enhancing prayers, and facilitating communication with spiritual realms. Ideal for rituals seeking guidance, divine favor, or to fortify spiritual defenses, Jutia Pescado Humado is a must-have for practitioners desiring a deeper connection with their faith and the divine forces that guide them.

  • 1 oz bottle