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Attract Money and Prosperity With the Magic of Bayberry

The magical bayberry is an evergreen shrub, with small, waxy green berries that are one of the few fruits still around in winter. In American traditions, these fruits were boiled down for their waxy coating and made into candles. These candles would be burned at the beginning of the New Year, to help bring prosperity into the home. Even if you do not have access to a bayberry shrub of your own, no worries -- you can still take advantage of this aromatic plant's potent magic.

Bayberry Candles for Money-Drawing

Melting the berry's wax down for candles is not the only way to tap into its money-drawing powers. Anoint a white or green candle with a little bayberry oil, and it will work just as well. If you like, you can also add a specially prepared 7-day or 14-day bayberry scented candle to boost the power of your luck and prosperity rituals. Burn bayberry candles at home or business while meditating on this affirmation...

Money come, money grow,
Increase my money flow.
Fill my cash box to the top,
Then may it never stop.

A Bayberry Money Mojo Bag

Though bayberry has a wonderful spicy, piney smell in candle or oil form, the bark is a powerful magical ingredient too. Take a green mojo bag, add some bayberry bark and a piece of aventurine, and keep on you. Aventurine invites good luck (especially in the area of money), while keeping bayberry bark on you increases your financial gain. You can also sprinkle the bark or leaves in your wallet, to ensure that money always flows to you easily.

Inviting Prosperity into Your Life and Home

Spiritual cleanliness is very important when you are seeking blessings in any area of your life. Baths and floor washes do not just help remove spiritual impurities from you or your space, they leave their imprint on your aura. This lets you benefit from their energy long after you are through.

To use the powers of bayberry, thoroughly declutter and air out your home. When all of the mess and stagnant air have been removed, thoroughly mop your floors from the back of your home to the front using warm water with some Bayberry Big Al Bath & Floor Wash. When your home is ready, take a spiritual bath to prepare yourself.

First, bathe yourself as you normally would, using soap and water. Then, drain the tub and re-fill it with fresh water and some of the Bath & Floor Wash. Relax into the fragrant water, as you concentrate on your desire and allow the magic of bayberry to imbue you. When you are ready, step out of the bath and let yourself air-dry. You are now ready for the blessings to come.

Using Bayberry for Protection

These little berries are not just good for bringing in prosperity, they are also great at helping you protect what you have. When you move into a new house, anoint a white candle with bayberry oil and burn it in your fireplace to keep evil away. No fireplace? Burning it in a fireproof dish on top of your stove works just as well.

It is highly recommended that you set up wards in your home on a regular basis -- these will work around the clock to keep evil out and the occupants safe. To do this, first give your home a thorough cleansing with some sage, a blend of frankincense and myrrh, or a mop down with Spiritual Cleansing Bath & Floor Wash. Then, sit in the middle of your home and clear your mind. Picture each wall glowing with bright, vibrant blue energy, which no evil may cross. When you have the image solidly in your mind, light some bayberry incense and carry it clockwise through your home.

Bayberry is an important and powerful part of magic traditions. Their spicy fragrance and green berries are symbols of luck, prosperity, and protection from evil. Add the wax, bark, leaves, or oil to any spells that could use a bit of their magic