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The Art of Laying Down Hoodoo Tricks

Hoodoo spells are often referred to as laying down tricks, fixing tricks, throwing down, or laying down. The practice involves a ritual or action where an item is laid down, buried, hidden, or thrown in a spot where someone is likely to walk over it. Herbs, powders, and other ingredients are placed in a place where the intended target will come in contact with them, with the intention of causing a specific effect.

For many, hoodoo tricks are seen only as negative acts such as hexing or jinxing. While these practices are a part of hoodoo, there is more to the art of laying down than just inflicting harm on others. It is just as common for someone to lay down a blessing as it is for them to put a curse on your path.

Laying down tricks encompasses more than spreading or burying objects or powders. You can lay down in anything belonging to your target, from sewing something into their clothing to mixing something into their perfume or shampoo. Practically anything a person comes into contact with can house a trick.

Ways to Fix Hoodoo Tricks

A trick can be laid in any place that the person will walk or on any object that they will touch. Some examples of tricks include burying bottles, throwing powders, and hiding mojo bags. There are a number of ways that tricks can be thrown down or fixed.

For attraction. Spread attraction sachet powder on a path that you know the one you desire will walk through. Sprinkle Jasmine oil over the powder for added potency.

For money-drawing. Fill a green mojo bag with goldstone tumbled stones, a Discover Treasures amulet, and some Money Drawing sachet powder. Bury the bag at a construction site, preferably a bank construction site.

For protection. To ground a protection trick and keep it working, bury your offering in your yard or garden. Fill a blue mojo bag with a Circle of Protection amulet, Golden Tiger Eye tumbled stones and High John the Conqueror root. Sprinkle the bag with protection oil. Bury the bag under the full moon.

To jinx an enemy. Pray your petition over Damnation Sachet Powder. Light a black candle and focus your intention on your enemy. Sprinkle the powder in front of your target’s home and call their name three times.

To neutralize a jinx. Write the suspected jinx on a piece of paper. Light a 7 Day Jinx Removing candle and burn the paper under the flame. For additional strength place a few drops of Jinx Removing Oil on top of the candle as it burns.

To banish someone. Place a tablespoon of hot foot powder in a heatproof vessel and light it with a match. Burn the powder in your home or wherever you need the evil influences removed. You may also sprinkle the powder wherever your enemy walks.

To neutralize bad mojo. It is believed that trees have the ability to absorb negative energy. Jinxes and bad mojo are often buried at the base of a tree to neutralize them. Write down any negative thoughts on a piece of parchment paper. Roll the paper up and slide it into a glass bottle. Bury the bottle at the base of a tree. After you have laid down your trick, it is important that you walk away. Resist the temptation to turn around and look at the spot where you threw your trick. A common phrase used among rootworkers is “Lay your trick, walk away, and don't look back”. Looking back can be seen as a lack of belief in your spell and can undermine its success.

Disposing of Remnants

The items that you use in your tricks carry inherent magical properties. For this reason, it is important that you properly dispose of any unused materials that are left over after your spell has been cast.

To dispose of ritual remains such as ashes from burned paper or incense, powder, or melted candle wax, leave it at a crossroads. A crossroads is any place where two roads intersect. It is quite easy to get rid of remnants in this way. Simply throw the remains over your left shoulder into the center of the crossroads, walk away, and don't look back.

You can also bury any bits and pieces not used in your laying down spell. Find an open field or other space far from your home. Dig a hole and place the items into it. Thoroughly cover with dirt and sprinkle Jinx Removing Sachet Powder over the dirt.