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Rose Buds & Petals

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Bring the sweet energy of love and beauty to your spiritual practice with our premium quality rose buds. The delicate petals of the rose have been cherished for centuries as symbols of love, passion, and purity. In spiritual work, rose buds are often used to promote love, attract positive energy, and protect against negative influences. Whether added to a love spell, carried in a sachet, or used in a purification ritual, rose buds bring a powerful and gentle energy to your spiritual practice

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Rose buds can be used in a love ritual by incorporating them in various ways to attract love and promote positive energy. Here are some examples:

Create a love sachet: Fill a small pouch with dried rose buds and carry it with you to attract love and positive energy.

Incorporate in a love spell: Add rose buds to a love spell or charm to amplify its power and attract love into your life.

Use in a bath ritual: Add rose buds to a warm bath and soak in it to cleanse your energy and attract love.

Burn candles with rose oil: Anoint candles with rose oil and light them while focusing on your intention of attracting love.

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