Winter solstice manifestation rituals prayers

Manifestation Rituals For the Winter Solstice

The winter solstice comes with mixed feelings. On one hand, it is the time with the shortest day and longest, darkest night of the year. On the other, it is a day with tremendous magical potential, as the sun's power begins to increase. This year, the solstice comes with a special astrological phenomenon: For the first time in 800 years, Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance, and Saturn, the planet of restraint and manifestation in the physical world, are going to appear to be a "double planet."

If there are things you want to manifest in your life, gear up for this winter solstice. It is going to be a powerful one! Here are three manifestation rituals you can use to take advantage of this magical time:

A Basic, Customizable Manifestation Ritual

Candle spells are an excellent tool for manifestation. You can empower a candle with your desire and burn it to release your energy and intention into the world. Combining a candle with herbs, oils, crystals, and other tools amplifies this effect. For a simple manifestation ritual, you will need:

  • A candle of an appropriate color
  • Four crystals
  • A ritual oil
  • Incense

These things represent the four elements -- fire, earth, water, and air. For manifesting love, choose a pink candle, rose quartz, Love oil, and Love incense. For wealth, choose a green candle, aventurine, malachite, pyrite, or citrine, Money Drawing oil, Money incense, and so forth. If you do not know what to choose, you can use a white candle, clear quartz, frankincense oil, and frankincense incense.

First, cleanse the crystal by setting it in sunlight or holding it under fresh running water. Then, take it in your hand, and ask it to help you manifest your desire. Do the same with the candle. Carve or etch words and symbols relating to your desires in the wax using a knife, pin, or tip of a crystal, and rub a few drops of essential oil into the wax. Set the four crystals around the candle and incense. Light the candle, and say,

"By earth, water, air, and fire,
Winter solstice, bring me my desire."

Visualize all the things you want manifesting in your life. Either allow the candle to burn itself out, or, if that is not possible, snuff it. Dispose of the spell remnants by burying them near your front door.

A Ritual to Release and Manifest

Since the winter solstice marks a new beginning, it is a great time to release what you no longer need. This makes room for all of the wonderful things you will be manifesting. For this ritual, you will need:

First, light the black candle. This represents the things you wish to be rid of. Think of everything that has held you back this year, and write each one on a slip of paper. When you are through, light each paper with the black candle's flame. When they catch fire, drop them into the water.

Next, light the gold candle. This represents the blessings coming to you. Think of all of the things you want to draw into your life, and write each one on a slip of paper. Place them underneath the candle. Say,

"With the winter sun, I am renewed. I release the things that hold me back, and I draw in all that I desire."

Allow the candles to burn down if possible. If not, snuff them. Dispose of the black candle, water, and ashes far from your home Bury the gold one and the slips of paper near your front door.

A Journal Spell for Manifestation

For this spell, you'll need a citrine cluster, a large white candle, some frankincense and myrrh oil, a journal, and a pen.

Begin by writing down what you want to manifest in your life in the coming year. Next, write down one simple step you can do each day to bring you closer to your desires. Close the journal, set the citrine on top of it, dress the candle with the oil, and light the wick. As you sit in front of the candle, picture the winter sun infusing you with warm, golden energy that will give you the ability to achieve whatever you wish.

When you are ready, snuff the candle. Go out and take the first step toward achieving your dreams. Repeat each day for fourteen days.

The winter solstice might be dark and cold, but it is full of manifestation energy. If you have goals and dreams for the coming year, this is perfect time to get started on manifesting them.