Devil's Shoestring Root

Devil's Shoestring Root

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Devil's Shoestring is a plant with protective and luck-bringing properties commonly used in spiritual and magical practices. It is used for protection, luck, binding spells, and divination, such as enhancing psychic abilities and insight. It is often carried in a mojo bag or tied around the ankle for protection and can be used to attract good fortune, restrain negative energies or people, and enhance spiritual practices.

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Devil's Shoestring is a plant commonly utilized in spiritual and magical practices that has protective and luck-attracting qualities. It is often utilized in various ways, such as in protection spells, to bring good fortune, bind spells, or enhance divination practices. It can be carried in a mojo bag or tied around the ankle to protect against harm and negative energies. Additionally, it has been known to restrict negative energies or individuals and enhance spiritual practices. This staple Hoodoo root can be burned as incense or steeped into tea for its grounding and protective properties.

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How To Use Devil's Shoestring Root

Devil's Shoestring, a powerful herb in the Viburnum species, goes by several names including hobblebush, moose bush, cramp bark, and Goat's Rue. It is commonly utilized in Hoodoo practices and is often stored in a medicine pouch.

This herb is indigenous to Eastern North America and can be found from North Eastern Canada down to Georgia. Its roots are occasionally used medicinally as an anti-spasmodic, specifically for easing menstrual cramps.

When carried, Devil's Shoestring is believed to provide protection against any form of attack. It is a versatile herb used in Hoodoo conjure works for attracting good luck, or for "tripping up the devil" by shielding against harmful energies. To protect against negative energy, carry it in a white medicine pouch, and in a green medicine pouch for good fortune and prosperity.

It can also be hung in a bundle above a doorway or fireplace to safeguard one's home. In the past, some wore it as an anklet to prevent being "poisoned through the feet".