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3 Full Moon Rituals For Manifesting, Cleansing, and Love

The moon figures prominently in religions and magic traditions all over the world. It's there to illuminate the sky every night, and its ever-changing face is a powerful metaphor for sympathetic magic. The full moon, in particular, is a symbol of mystery, hidden knowledge, and the height of power. The moon begins in darkness and slowly grows from a thin sliver to full roundness. As it grows, it becomes a symbol of increase and manifestation.

Working with the full moon is easy. Oftentimes, all it takes is placing objects in its light to be charged and cleansed. Some people make "moon water" by setting a bowl or jar of clean water under the moonlight, then use this water to drink, for spiritual baths, or to cleanse their homes or tools. Each month's full moon has a unique name and is associated with different types of manifestation rituals, so make sure to consult our Full Moon Ritual Calendar to learn more about these unique lunar events. Here are three other rituals for working with the full moon's power:

Full Moon Wish Manifesting Ritual

This is a simple spell that you can perform every full moon. All you will need are a white candle, a fireproof bowl, bay leaves, and a pen (a non-toxic marker will work best). If you wish, you may anoint the candle with attar of rose, lavender, or sandalwood oil. These are all associated with the full moon, and will help add energy and focus to your spell.

Begin by taking your materials outside, under the light of the moon. If you cannot go outside, sit next to an open window.

Using the pen, write your desires down on bay leaves. Set them in front of the bowl. Placing your hands over the unlit candle, say...

Moon bright, moon's light,
Draw to me my desires tonight.

Visualize the candle filling with the power of the full moon. Light the candle. One by one, use the candle's flame to light each of the bay leaves before dropping them into the bowl. Allow the leaves to burn completely to release your wishes to the universe. When you feel ready, snuff the candle and save it for the next full moon. Dispose of the leaf ashes outside, near your front door.

Full Moon Water Wash

The full moon is when the moon is at the height of its power. Making full moon water creates a powerful base for other spells. You can make a simple full moon water by following the suggestion at the beginning of this post, or add power to your water by adding special ingredients. You can place clear quartz and moonstone around the vessel, or add full moon herbs like dried lavender, rose, rosemary, or spearmint leaves. Allow the water to infuse with moonlight for several hours, but be sure to remove it before sunrise. Keep it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

You can use this water to wash your front door, windows, or floors. Since the moon is associated with mystery and divination, some people use full moon water to clean divination tools like mirrors or crystal balls. Some also use this method to make "moon tea," by stepping tea leaves in the moonlight to make a powerful ritual drink.

Moon Bathing Ritual

This spell is a bit different than most. Instead of candles and oils, you will need a tarot deck, a pillow, and a symbol of your desire.

This ritual is best performed outside, but, if that is not possible, choose a place where you can lay under the moonlight. Place your pillow there, to help make yourself more comfortable.

Go through the tarot deck and choose a card that matches your desire. The Lovers or Two of Cups for love, for example, or the Nine or Ten of Pentacles for money. Lay down in the moonlight with the tarot card placed over your heart, and the symbol of your desire on your brow. (If it will not fit, place it just above your head.)

Close your eyes, and feel the moonlight streaming down around you. Say...

On this night, I call to me, [state your desire].

Picture yourself absorbing the moon's power and channeling it toward your wants. Visualize yourself loved, happy, prosperous, and thriving. When you feel that you have taken up all of the full moon energy you can, give thanks, return the tarot card to the deck, and keep the symbol in a safe place.

The full moon represents the harvest. We symbolically start new things during the new moon, allow them to grow as the moon grows, and then receive the fruits of our labor on the full moon. You can use this energy to help you with manifestation, wishes, love drawing, and more.