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Sheepskin parchment paper is a common tool in spells and rituals for writing affirmations, intentions, prayers, or spells, believed to amplify their power with its natural energy. In spellwork or ritual, it's often carried, burned, buried, or disposed of to symbolize the release of energy and is used in pagan, Wiccan, and hoodoo traditions.

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Sheepskin parchment paper is a versatile and popular material used in various spells and rituals. It is often used as a medium for writing down affirmations, intentions, prayers, or spells. The natural energy of the parchment paper is believed to hold the energy of the written words and amplify their power. This makes it a popular choice for those seeking to increase the potency of their spellwork.

In addition to being used for writing spells and affirmations, sheepskin parchment paper is also commonly used as a protective surface to inscribe magical symbols or sigils. The symbols and sigils serve as a physical manifestation of the intention set in the spell or ritual. They are believed to channel the energy of the written words and focus it towards the desired outcome.

After the spell or ritual has been performed, the sheepskin parchment paper is often burned, buried, or disposed of in a way that is appropriate to the intention set. This is done to symbolically release the energy stored in the parchment paper and to bring the spell or ritual to its completion.

The use of sheepskin parchment paper in spells and rituals is a common practice in many pagan, Wiccan, and hoodoo traditions. It is a versatile and powerful tool for those seeking to manifest their desires and bring positive change into their lives.

  • 100% Genuine Sheepskin Parchment
  • 3"x5" Piece or 9"x12" Sheet