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Lavender is used in spiritual & ritual practices for calming & purifying. Often added to smudging blends, incense, or aromatherapy. Common in spells for love, peace, & protection. The gentle scent soothes the spirit, promotes relaxation, & brings peace, calm, & positivity.

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Lavender flowers have long been used in spiritual and ritual practices for their calming and purifying properties. They are often added to smudging blends, burned as incense, or used in aromatherapy to cleanse and purify spaces. Lavender is also a common ingredient in spells and rituals for love, peace, and protection. The gentle scent of lavender is believed to soothe the spirit, promote relaxation, and encourage a peaceful state of mind. Whether you are using lavender in a ritual setting or simply to enhance your daily life, this fragrant flower is sure to bring peace, calm, and positivity to your space

Here are some common spells using lavender:

Love Spell: Add dried lavender flowers to a sachet or mix with rose petals, dried rose hips, and cinnamon to create a love-attracting blend.

Peace Spell: Fill a jar with dried lavender flowers, rose petals, chamomile, and a pinch of salt. Place the jar in a peaceful area of your home to promote a sense of calm.

Protection Spell: Combine dried lavender flowers with rosemary, bay leaves, and a protective charm. Place the blend in a sachet and carry it with you for added protection.

Sleep Spell: Place dried lavender flowers under your pillow or add to a sleep sachet for a restful night's sleep.

Cleansing Spell: Combine dried lavender flowers with sage and burn as incense to cleanse and purify a space.

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