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Hot Foot Powder

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Want to make a person you want to get rid of feel uneasy or compelled to leave? Sprinkle some hot foot powder at your enemy's workplace or at their front door. Hot Foot powder is a staple of hoodoo magic and should be part of any practitioner's arsenal of magic ingredients.

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Burn or sprinkle our Hot Foot Powder to drive away unwanted persons from your surroundings.

  • Self-Lighting Incense Powder
  • Available in 2 oz Cans, 1/2 lb Bags, or 1 lb Bags

What Is Hot Foot Powder?

Hot Foot powder is a popular ingredient in the practice of hoodoo. It is typically made from ingredients such as cayenne pepper, sulfur, and salt, and is used to drive away unwanted individuals or energies. In hoodoo, Hot Foot powder is often used in spells and rituals that aim to make someone leave a particular location or relationship.

The powder is typically sprinkled in the path of the target, such as at their doorway or workplace, with the intention of causing them to become uncomfortable or feel the need to move away. Hot Foot powder is still widely used in hoodoo and related magical practices today and is considered a powerful tool in the practitioner's arsenal.

How To Use Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot powder is typically used by sprinkling it along a path that the intended target is likely to walk over, such as at their workplace or their doorway. It's not a problem if others also walk across the powder, as the intention is specifically directed at the target. To properly apply the powder, one should walk backward while sprinkling it in the desired location.

As you sprinkle the hot foot powder, clearly state your intention. Say something like, "Hot foot powder, I need Mary to move away and never bother me ever again."

You can also burn the hot foot powder in your home or wherever you need the evil influences removed by adding a tablespoon of the powder to an incense burner or heatproof vessel and lighting it with a match.