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  1. 7 chakra pyramid

    7 Chakras Gemstone Pyramid

    Starting at $19.95

    This 7 Chakra Gemstone Pyramid can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth and healing. It can be used in a variety of ways to promote physical,...

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  2. Money wands 58008

    Money Drawing Wand


    This beautiful Money Drawing Wand is a powerful aid in channeling energy for money and abundance spells and rituals. Featuring gemstones on either...

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  3. Orgone pyramids 67497

    Orgone 7 Chakra Pyramid Set with Box


    This is a complete chakra set of 7 orgone pyramids for protection, healing, and meditation. Each of these stone orgone pyramids coordinates with a...

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  4. Set of 7 Chakra Orgonite Pyramids 57304

    Set of 7 Chakra Orgonite Pyramids


    Organite Pyramids filled with Natural Crystals. Organite is an excellent New Age metaphysical tool that radiates amazing Aura energy. The Organites...

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  5. Pyramids 46220

    Gemstone Pyramid with Chakra Stones


    Pyramid with Chakra Stones, Copper dust, and wire-wrap tumbled Gemstone. This pyramid has copper dust above the chakra stones and below the...

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  6. White selenite wand

    White Selenite Wand

    Starting at $5.95

    This raw selenite wand is a powerful aid in seeking mental clarity or in channeling energies and can be used to aid in seeking contact with...

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