Saint Michael (San Miguel) Lotion

Saint Michael (San Miguel) Lotion

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Wear our Saint Michael (San Miguel) Lotion for protection against all enemies. Comes with a prayer on the box to read as you put the lotion on and a Saint Michael Sword Amulet.


Elevate your daily routine with the heavenly touch of Saint Michael (San Miguel) Lotion. Feel the reassuring presence of Saint Michael surrounding you, providing a shield against negativity and challenges. Nourish your skin while nourishing your spirit with the soothing properties of our carefully crafted lotion.

How to Use: Simply apply a small amount of Saint Michael Lotion to your hands or body and massage gently into your skin. Use it as an opportunity to set your intentions for the day, invoking the protection and courage of Archangel Michael. For a more powerful effect, recite a mantra or prayer while applying the lotion.

  • 2 oz Bottle
  • Includes Saint Michael Sword Amulet
  • Includes Saint Michael prayer on the box
  • Made in Colombia