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Incredible Personal Encounters with Saint Michael

In times of need and spiritual crisis, many individuals turn to the guidance and protection of St. Michael the Archangel. These personal stories shared with us back in 2017 showcase the powerful and mystical experiences people have had with this patron saint of protection and his role in their lives. From warning of danger to removing curses, St. Michael's presence and guidance have brought comfort and safety to those who have called upon him in their time of need.

St. Michael Saved Her Life Through a Mysterious Encounter

I was standing on West 225 Street in the Bronx waiting to hang out with friends in a car. Right before they came to pick me up a man came out of nowhere and very gracefully told me not to get in the car and just stay home with my kids.

I felt like everything paused at that moment. I didn't see anyone or hear anything. No train or cars or people passing by. It was just pure silence in a very noisy street. His eyes were very different, huge black, and shiny but so angelic. He looked like an angel in disguise, dressed in a grey sweat suit and his whole body looked like it was glowing. I felt a sweet and calm vibe. And then I turned around just for a split second and when I looked back towards him he disappeared.

All the stores were closed and there was absolutely nothing so I knew he was an angel. I know that was St. Michael because every psychic I have seen told me that he's always with me. Well, I listened to him and I didn't get in the car. It turned out that the car got into a huge accident and the seatbelt in the back seat where I was supposed to be seated was broken. Later that night I had a dream about that man being St. Michael, with his armed suit and sword smiling at me, and I thanked him for saving my life. - Esther

St. Michael Helps Remove Evil Curse from Possessed Toddler

Back in the 1980s, I was awoken by a friend, who asked me to get ready to attend a small 18-month-old boy. As I was getting ready in front of my altar, I "saw" the form of St. Michael the Archangel, and bristled all over as his energy interacted with mine. I knew this was going to be really bad. When I saw the little boy, I knew he had been possessed by something quite evil, not your usual cheap Brujeria that's common. Someone really had to make a pact for this curse to be on this toddler.

As my Madama's spirit worked with this to remove the curse, even the iron pot being used split open! As it turned out, it was the child's paternal grandmother! St. Michael will always deliver justice. After all was well with the child, the very next day that evil woman's stove blew up, taking a wall with it. She left and has not been heard from since.

When the little boy was later brought to me, the first thing he did, all by himself, was to enter my temple and look right up at the huge statue I had of St. Michael the Archangel, smiled, and then ran off to play! I am forever grateful for the help given to my spirits by St. Michael the Archangel. He is truly the right hand of God and commander of His armies! - Freddie

A Mother's Prayer Answered for Her Son in the Army

My Son Anthony Jr. is serving in the US Army as an MP. I prayed for him and always had a St. Michael candle lit next to his military picture. My son told me he was suddenly transferred from the company of soldiers he was stationed with and transferred to a company of soldiers he did not know. He was then immediately deployed to Germany with the new Company of soldiers while his old company was sent into battle in Syria. My son returned to the US from Germany after 9 months safe and is still serving. St. Michael, thank you for protecting my son. - Anna

A Dream of Archangel Michael Gives a Chilling Warning

A number of years ago I was living in Tampa Florida. During that time I had a very vivid dream of the Archangel Michael. In the dream, I was a young boy in a group with a number of other children. The other children were bullying me and the priest that accompanied us told them to stop and leave me alone. He said I was searching for the Heart of Light. We were following a priest on what seemed like a hike through a forest. The forest got very foggy and we climbed a tree to see what the lay of the land before us was.

The scene abruptly changed and we were standing inside an old Catholic church. The priest handed all of us an altar boy's surplice. The one he handed me had a white heart embroidered on the front of it. At this point, the other children were no longer visible and the priest vanished. I was walking down the center aisle of the church, heading for the high altar. When I got there I place my surplice on the altar and it slid off onto the floor. There was a sound like the tearing of silk and a beam of light fell on the floor in front of the altar.

In the beam of light stood a very beautiful winged man. His eyes had no pupils, instead light poured out of them. He spoke and his voice filled the church. He said, "I am the Archangel Michael. There are great and terrible things about to befall the Earth and the battleground will be the hearts of men." As he spoke I saw scenes of great devastation and horror. Then the beam of light vanished and on the floor, in front of the altar was a single white feather. I woke up and I was crying. My pillow was soaked with my tears. This happened about 25 years ago and I have never forgotten it. - Lorenzo

Saint michael personal encounters

"In the beam of light stood a very beautiful winged man..."

St. Michael Warns of Negative Presence from Brother

I was experiencing a disturbing, heavy presence. It was negative and it was something that needed cleansing. Earlier that day my brother had stopped by to visit. No way would you think that your family would wish you any ill will. But come to find out it was my brother. I always have a few different Michael the Archangel candles put away for times like this.

I lit the candle and prayed to Michael the Archangel. Afterward, I fell asleep and when I woke up I knew it was St. Michael who came to tell me what I was feeling was from my brother. That's when I knew everything I was feeling, was from my brother.

I believe St. Michael came to warn me of my brother. And to let me know he wasn't going to hurt my brother, but that I should pray for him. And I did. What I was feeling no longer had power over me. I know he watches over me. I love him and I'm grateful to him. - Patricia

St. Michael Helps a Woman Overcome Depression

I always wanted to connect with angels so I started reading about angels and doing research for years. I lost my mom in 2013 so I became depressed and more to myself. It felt like all my life I was going through hard times, in debt and almost losing my apartment.

So one night I prayed to God to please help me. That night as I was lying on my bed, I asked if an angel could visit me in my dream. I fell asleep and started to dream. I felt my belief fading until something woke me up. When I opened my eyes I saw a flashing white orb on the foot of my bed. I felt scared at first but something told me not to fear, so I relaxed. Then I noticed a noise like a vacuum cleaner with purple smoke coming out of me and going towards the white orb. I felt like I knew who it was.

I fell back asleep then in my dream I felt so happy and very light on my foot. I then woke up knowing that what happened was very much real! I woke up feeling happy and giddy, like how I was when I was a child. I couldn't stop laughing with happiness. I had this knowing it was St. Michael, my protector. Soon after, things started to get better for me. I always work with St. Michael. I believe that God sent me an angel to help me. - Lourdes

St. Michael and the Archangels Ward off Demons from Man's Home

I was under attack from demon spirits. I worked the 3 am -11 am shift at the hospital. Every night that I came home, it was very hard for me to stay in my home. I had a supply of St. Michael candles in my home. I could feel the evil spirits in my home, and see them, and they were touching me.

I ran to put a St. Michael candle on and he showed up with St. Gabriel and St. Raphael. It was so wonderful to see these three Archangels in my presence! They went three different ways throughout my home and you could hear the demons screaming & hollowing as they ran out the doors. These wonderful Archangels showed up on my behalf. I call upon them all the time, and they are wonderful companions. - Charlie

St. Michael the Spiritual Warrior: A Protector from All Forms of Evil

Many years ago I had experienced some traumatic events in my life that had rendered me disabled, and spiritually broken. I had always loved San Miguel from childhood even though I always tried to deny the power of the saints, not out of disrespect but out of fear. Being born a spiritualist but being raised Catholic always meant being careful not to raise people's suspicions of believing in espiritismo. I only felt comfortable with St Michael, because I felt protected from all forms of malefic be it spirits or evil works that are known as dark Brujeria and oscura.

One day during a particularly difficult period in my life, I had a dream with San Miguel. In my dream, he was an immense light that was incredibly peaceful and strong. He told me to not worry about all the things that were happening and that he would resolve them. He also said he would protect me, that all would be okay, and I should continue to the offerings of candles and prayers. "Las Obras" is what he said, the exchange in communication was nonverbal, but I understood everything in my language as a human.

I felt so much love in that dream and literally woke up crying because I felt so empty after awakening; I wanted to be in that energy forever. It felt so peaceful and like home. That same week, I was contacted for work. I started to recover from all the losses I had endured and met the right people to help me start rebuilding my life.

I absolutely LOVE St. Michael! He has never failed my clients or me, I recommend him to anyone and I recommend him often. If nothing else people know that he is a spiritual warrior, he will help you and protect you from all forms of evil. I honor him greatly. - Iya

Archangel Michael Helps Mother Handle Son's Breakdowns

I have been burning several St. Michael candles for a couple of weeks. I have been struggling with jealousy of others and my son's insecurities! My son had several breakdowns for the past couple of years and I did not know how to handle it! I was over-aggressive with him and did not how to calm him down! I was using my own techniques and not listening to God.

Last month, my son had another breakdown and I was able to handle the situation better! I calm him down and started praying. ‘Our Father who art in Heaven.’ He was a totally different person and I truly thank Archangel Michael for his help and blessings. - Cynthia

The Archangel St. Michael Guides Man to Safety

I usually feel the presence of Saint Michael The Archangel when I talk to Him. I speak my intentions out and I can feel this tingling sensation in my back, between my shoulder blades. I started to get this sensation when I started tapping into my spiritual side and with growth it started getting stronger. Whenever I talk to Him I get the tingle; it makes its way up my spine and I sit up straight and puff my chest out and I speak.

Now since he is one of my guardians, whenever I go out exploring I can tell he’s directing me safely. One day I went into the woods by my house and found this beautiful natural sanctuary. As I walked deeper I started talking out loud to Saint Michael, and I asked him to protect me in these woods. I found a side path and I started exploring when I immediately froze and my heart dropped. I got scared for no apparent reason. I took a deep breath and I called Him, and he came as I felt immediate relief.

He said ‘Don't go down this path and take the other trail.’ So I did and I ended up finding a river that was so calm and peaceful. I immediately took my shoes off and walked in I still felt his presence everywhere I went throughout that day. Like my vibrations were high and I can feel my spirit enjoying the little piece of heaven I found. And I thank him every day. As soon as I say his name I get that sensation in my back and I instantly feel safe. Thank you Saint Michael The Archangel, for your protection and guidance. – Chris