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Saint Michael (San Miguel) Evil Eye Horseshoe

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This powerful charm Saint Michael (San Miguel) against evil eye talisman with lucky horseshoe will offer protection to you, your family and home.

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This beautiful large amulet features an evil eye, lucky horseshoe and Saint Michael (San Miguel).

  • Approximately 9" long and 6" wide

Who Is Saint Michael?

Saint Michael is a figure who has gained recognition and reverence across different cultures and belief systems. Historically, he is often depicted as an archangel, a celestial being with great power and authority. While different religious traditions have varying interpretations of Saint Michael, he is commonly associated with qualities such as courage, protection, and triumph over evil.

In many stories and texts, Saint Michael is portrayed as a defender and warrior against negative forces and spiritual adversaries. This makes him a symbol of strength, resilience, and standing up for what is right. People who admire Saint Michael often turn to him for inspiration and guidance, particularly in times of challenge or when facing personal struggles.