Saint michael feast day prayers rituals

Saint Michael's Day Rituals for Abundance and Protection

St. Michael is associated with protection from evil, and, according to legend, was the one who banished him from Heaven. You can use this special day to communicate with him and petition him for aid with a few simple rituals.

Follow Michaelmas Folklore For Luck and Abundance.

Over time, St. Michael's Day became blended with Pagan traditions and folklore. One of those traditions involved making a corn dolly from a sheaf of grain (usually the last one harvested). You can do this using corn husks by taking a handful of dried husks, folding it over, and tying a string or ribbon around the "neck" of the doll.

If you like, you can also tie arms and legs made of sticks or corn husks to it to make it more realistic. A corn dolly is an excellent addition to a prosperity altar -- it was believed that caring for the doll as an embodiment of the spirits of grain, growth, and abundance would ensure that you received lots of blessings in the next year.

Keep the corn doll in a place of honor. You can make a simple prosperity altar by covering a small table or another surface with a green cloth, adding a Prosperity candle, some Prosperity incense powder or sticks, and a vase of seasonal flowers. Change the flowers out when they wilt or fade. Every day, light the candle and incense and pray...

Saint Michael.
You showed bravery and strength when you slew the dragon and chased the Devil from Heaven.
Please, help me face times of scarcity with bravery and courage.
Please, help protect me against those who would see me suffer.
Saint Michael, I thank you.

You may also wish to partake in other traditions, like planting a tree (trees planted at this time were said to flourish) or eating a goose for luck.

Call on Saint Michael for Protection

This is also a good time to perform rituals for protection and the removal of negative energy. Since this day marks when the weather starts getting colder in the northern hemisphere, it is also a time when people living there start keeping their homes closed up tight to stay warm. That means that it is a perfect time for a thorough cleaning, both physically and energetically.

Declutter your home and mop your floors from front to back with Saint Michael floor wash. Anoint your windows and doors with Saint Michael oil. Light some Saint Michael incense (or, if you cannot burn incense, use Saint Michael spray) and carry it through your home as you pray...

Saint Michael, powerful Archangel,
On this day, we acknowledge your strength and bravery with gratitude,
You, who dominated the ultimate forces of evil.
Please protect my home and all who reside in it from all negative influences.
Guard us against those who would do us any kind of harm.
Thank you, Saint Michael.

Finish by lighting a red Saint Michael candle dressed with some Saint Michael oil. Place it in the heart of your home, and let it burn completely as long as it is safe to do so. When the candle is finished, bury the remains near your front door, and hand a Saint Michael talisman on the interior doorknob. To top everything off, sprinkle some Saint Michael sachet powder in the corner of each room of your home, and across the threshold of your front door.

Practice Michaelmas Divination

As one of the days that mark the change in season and the end of the harvest, there is a lot of divination lore surrounding Saint Michael's Day. This is a good time to break out your favorite divination tools -- like pendulums, tarot cards, runes, bones, or any others that you like.

You can also look at the world around you for insight. Traditionally, it was said that if Saint Michael brought many acorns on this day, there would be a lot of snow by Christmas. Also, however many days the moon is old (as in, how far along it is in its cycle past the new moon) is how many floods will come in the year after. One interesting bit of lore holds that, on Saint Michael's Day, the Devil spits on the blackberries -- meaning that any picked after this date are likely to be bitter and nasty!

Over time, Saint Michael's Day has become a blend of Catholic and Pagan traditions. Many people who are not Catholic ask him for protection from evil, and many people who are not Pagan still use this time to eat goose for good luck, avoid blackberries, and divine what the year ahead holds for them. This is the perfect day for you to celebrate both sides of Michaelmas with these rituals -- pray for abundance, pray for protection, and see what the coming winter will bring to you.