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Signs That Archangel Michael Is Watching Over You

There are times in all of our lives when we need the support of our spiritual guides. One of the strongest and most protective of these guides is St. Michael. Saint Michael is not actually a saint. He is an archangel. Archangel Michael is considered the leader of all angels and the head of the army of God. A healer of the sick and the guardian of the Catholic Church, Michael is the champion of courage, protection, integrity, strength, and truth.

When you find yourself struggling with any of these attributes, Michael is the angel to summon. Archangel Michael is one of the easiest Archangels to reach out to. He is known to answer quickly when called upon. He is an extremely powerful angel and able to match his vibration to ours at will, making him extremely accessible. A spirit warrior, Michael makes connections with those humans he believes will clearly receive his messages and carry forth his spiritual work on earth.

Those who are dying find great comfort in St. Michael. He is a calming presence and reassures those close to death that God and the heavenly angels are watching over them on their journey to the afterlife. Catholics believe that Michael is the angel of death and that he escorts the souls of faithful people into the arms of their Father.

He is usually pictured carrying a spiritual (sometimes flaming) sword with beautiful white or silver wings and a stunning blue aura. He is one of a few angels mentioned by name in the Bible and other religious texts and is a defender of Christ, as well as humanity.

Signs That St. Michael is Watching Over You

Angels will often leave clues or signs to encourage, comfort, and guide those they visit. Whether it's to reassure us they are by our sides, help us through a difficult time, or merely let us know they're there if we need them, these beings will always find a way of alerting us to their presence. The messages are often unexpected and unexplained. Michael wants you to know that he is with you and that he hears your prayers and questions.

If you are untrusting or do not notice the signs that he sends, he will communicate his message in a different way. The archangel appreciates your faith in him and he will do all he can to help you recognize the signs. No matter how Michael chooses to manifest, he usually announces himself clearly. More than seeing the actual angel, most people see evidence of Michael's presence.

He is a clear communicator, and you will likely hear his guidance in your mind or sense it as a gut feeling. People report a variety of signs that the Archangel has paid them a visit. Some of the most popular are:

1. You Hear a Voice You Can't Ignore

When you are upset or frightened, you may hear an unexpected whisper that seemingly comes out of thin air. Sent as a way to comfort and reassure you, this voice is that of St. Michael.

Michael has the loudest and clearest voice of any of the angels. He is known for his booming, clear voice. He is not trying to be bossy or bark orders at us. His goal is to get our attention and convince us to advocate for ourselves. It is his distinct way of letting us know that he is there when we need him. His blunt delivery may be slightly jarring, but his messages are always filled with love.

2. You Feel Surrounded by an Unexpected Peace

When Michael and the other angels are with us, their presence is accompanied by a feeling of peace. People who feel the archangel’s energy during a crisis always mention its calming effect, which allows them to think and act clearly during an emergency.

Michael embraces us in his wings. While it is possible for him to stay with us continuously if we ask him to, we usually do not notice the strength of his presence until we call upon him during a crisis. This ability to instantly calm nerves and soothe hearts is one of St. Michael’s abundant gifts.

3. You Find a Feather

St. Michael is a very clear communicator. You will most often hear his guidance in your mind or sense it as a gut feeling. There are instances when to get his point across clearly, Michael will send physical signs as proof of his guidance. Since Archangel Michael is a protector, his signs are designed to comfort and reassure. If you question or do not notice the signs that he sends, he will find a way to communicate his message in different ways until you are at peace.

One of the most well-known signs that you have been visited by an angel is finding a feather. These magical blessings are something many of us keep an eye out for and treasure once we discover them. Often referred to as "calling cards", feathers are left as reminders that angels are watching over us.

Signs archangel michael blue light

Many people report seeing Archangel Michael’s blue light in a crisis.

4. You See an Aura of Glowing Blue Light

Guardian angels emit a beautiful pure-white radiance that some people see with their physical eyes. These lights look like sparkling shimmers or flashes of brightness, similar to the flash from a camera. The archangels have specific colored lights that correspond to each one’s purpose. Archangel Michael’s aura color is a bright, bold blue. Many people report seeing Michael's blue lights in a crisis.

5. The Name Michael Appears Repeatedly

Many people have reported meeting helpful people named Michael or Michelle at important times in their lives. In many archangel stories, the person who miraculously offers assistance is named Michael. Perhaps this is because those who are named for the archangel work with him closely. You may notice the name Michael on a street sign, billboard, or magazine cover. If it appears in groups of three, it should be taken as a sign that the Archangel is watching over you.

6. Appearances In Dreams

You know those dreams where you feel a warm, protecting presence guiding you or shielding you from something scary? That could very well be Archangel Michael. Michael is a powerful figure in the spiritual realm, and sometimes he steps into our dreams to play the role of a guardian or guide. It's like having a superhero appear in your dream, offering you a sense of safety and wisdom, and helping you navigate through your subconscious mind.

7. Sense of Empowerment

Imagine being in a difficult situation and suddenly, you feel a burst of bravery that helps you stand your ground. This unexpected courage can be a nudge from Michael, encouraging you to face your challenges head-on. It's as if he is whispering in your ear, telling you that you have the power to overcome any obstacle.

8. Warm Sensations or Chills

Have you ever felt a sudden warmth or maybe a chill run down your spine when thinking about something important? These sensations can be signs of Michael trying to get your attention, maybe to guide you or just to let you know that he's there for you. It's a gentle, yet potent reminder that you are not alone in your journey.

Signs archangel michael clouds

Shapes in the clouds or patterns in nature that resemble a sword or a shield are traditionally associated with Saint Michael.

9. Symbols in Clouds or Nature

Sometimes, when you're outdoors, you might notice shapes in the clouds or patterns in nature that resemble a sword or a shield - symbols traditionally associated with Michael. It's like he is painting pictures in the sky or in nature to send you a message or to reassure you that he's watching over you. So, the next time you see such symbols, take a moment to acknowledge his presence and perhaps, find guidance or comfort in it.

10. Seeing Angel Numbers

If you've been seeing sequences of numbers like 111 or 444 frequently, pay attention. These repeating numbers are known as angel numbers, and they might be Michael's way of communicating with you. It could be his method of giving you a little hint or message, so try to tune in and understand what these numbers might be trying to tell you.

Connecting with St. Michael

When our lives are in crisis and our path becomes unclear, it is helpful to have a helping hand to guide us in the right direction. In times such as these, St. Michael provides the support and clarity to help us find our way. To summon the strength of Michael, place a statue of Saint Michael on your altar. Anoint a Destroy All Evil candle with St. Michael oil. This devotional candle is used both in the church and in the home.

The candle’s flame symbolizes the prayer offered to God. Light the candle and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Take several deep breaths, holding each breath for a few seconds before exhaling. Allow a wave of relaxation to flow through you each time you exhale.

Once you feel totally relaxed, visualize yourself surrounded by a blue light. Allow yourself to bathe in the healing energy of this soothing, divine light. Now it is time to invoke Michael. Recite the following prayer...

Archangel Michael, my protector and guide.
Thank you for helping me lead a good, honest, worthwhile life.
I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf.
Please walk with me, and please help, protect, and sustain me every day of my life.

You can also say to Michael...

Please send me a sign in the physical world that I will easily notice and understand

If you prefer, you can use your own prayer, or other prayers to St. Michael that you feel connected with. After you have finished your prayer, wait patiently. Words may appear in your mind, or you might feel a sense of reassurance and comfort. You might even feel yourself enveloped in his wings. People experience Michael in different ways, and the response you receive is likely to vary from time to time.

If you are in a state of crisis, you might hear clear words of comfort and support. However, if everything is going well in your life, you might simply experience a sense of knowing Michael is with you. Once Michael has responded, give him your thanks. Now is the time to ask for guidance, protection, or any other form of help. You might ask him to walk by your side if you are about to face a difficult or stressful situation.

Once you have made your request, offer thanks again. Sit or lie quietly for a few minutes, then take some deep breaths and open your eyes. You will be able to continue your day feeling refreshed and revitalized, with the assurance that Michael is continuing to look after you.

As the overseer of the angels, Michael is Earth’s representative of the all-embracing power of the Divine. He embodies compassion, as he assists everyone with whatever is needed. He encourages us to create trust and dependability in order to thrive. He is the spiritual force that helps us create a healthy foundation that gives stability and strength.