Saint Michael Rituals Video

How To Prepare For Saint Michael's Day

In this captivating video, Lulu invites you to join her journey of joy and spiritual preparations as she anticipates Saint Michael's Day on September 29th. Lulu highlights the pivotal role of Saint Michael in protecting and guiding us while introducing you to her cherished spiritual tools specifically curated for this occasion.

Lulu proudly displays an array of spiritually enriched items designed for St Michael's Day rituals: an energized hand-carved candle she fervently prays over; purifying incense; a horseshoe decoration embodying luck; a Saint Michael Chain, a thoughtful gift for her father; and a distinct Saint Michael cross adorning her spiritually cleansed home. Beyond spiritual tidiness, Lulu underscores the essence of maintaining a clean physical space, introducing you to a unique floor wash, alongside spiritually potent hand soap and air bath, ensuring both fragrance and protection.

Throughout Lulu's presentation, you'll be privy to her deeply personal and passionate preparations for St. Michael's Day. More than just a tutorial on spiritual practices, the video stands as a testament to Lulu's unwavering faith and trust in Saint Michael's protection.