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Calling Upon Saint Michael for Protection

As the archangel at the head of God's army and healer of those who suffer from illness, Saint Michael is one of the most powerful entities to call upon when you are in need of protection. He is a strong, calming presence, and He is always listening and able to answer prayers quickly. Whether you find yourself shaken up by an accident, some financial trouble, or a sudden illness, Saint Michael can protect you from the negative influences that threaten to turn your life upside down.

Guarding a Space With Saint Michael's Help

Your home is your castle, and it should be well-protected. If you wish to keep evil influences out of your space and away from you and your loved ones, call upon Saint Michael as you give it a thorough energy cleansing.

Open the doors and windows, and sweep or vacuum your floors. After that, mop all of your hard floors from back to front using Saint Michael floor wash. When you are through, light some Saint Michael incense -- whether sticks, powder, or resin on charcoal -- and carry it through all of the rooms of your home in a clockwise direction. As you do so, call out to the archangel with a short prayer...

Archangel Michael and all of the army of God, I ask for your help now.
Please cleanse this space with pure, holy light, and send away any evil, malicious, or negative influences that might be lurking here.
Drive away anything that may interfere with the health, happiness, or prosperity of all who dwell here.
Thank you, and may God's will be done. Amen.

If you wish, you may also hang a Saint Michael talisman on your inside front doorknob or place a statue of him in your home to emphasize that your space is under his protection.

Cleansing and Shielding Yourself

Sometimes, negativity finds a way to "stick" to us. Whether you call it an aura or your personal energy field, everyone has their own energy that other energies -- good and bad -- can attach to. You can cleanse your aura and shield yourself with Saint Michael's help.

First, start with a bath. You can use an aromatic herb bath, or Saint Michael bath & floor wash. Sit in the bath, take in the scent of the herbs, and meditate on the archangel and why you want his guidance and protection. When you are ready, step out and allow yourself to air dry.

Next, anoint a white Saint Michael 7 day saint candle with a few drops of Saint Michael oil, and set it in a safe place. Light the candle, and sit quietly in front of it. If you pray the rosary, do so while you concentrate on receiving protection and spiritual cleansing. If not, you can also say a short, general prayer...

I pray to Archangel Michael,
Please bless me with your protection and light.
Stay by my side to protect and guide me,
And help my words and actions come from a place of love.
Guide me to pure love, happiness, and light,
And cleanse me of any fear, negativity, or other malevolent energies.

Snuff the candle. Anoint it with a fresh drop of oil and light it again any time you need spiritual help.

Simple Daily Protection

Every day, we leave our homes and go out into a world full of fear, negative messages, and malicious actions. Protect yourself by spending a few minutes of each day dwelling on your connection to Saint Michael.

Begin by visualizing a bubble of divine golden light surrounding you. No negativity can enter this bubble -- only good things can touch you. Dust yourself with sachet powder, or dab on some Saint Michael cologne. Throughout the day, when you come in contact with someone who feels negative or "off" to you, wash your hands with Saint Michael soap (or, if no sink is available, use some Saint Michael lotion in a pinch). You can also wear or carry a charm, medal, or beaded necklace or bracelet to remind you of his divine protection and shield you from evil, wherever you go.

Though Saint Michael is a prominent figure in Catholicism, you do not need to be of a particular religion to ask him for help. Angels are helpful beings, and they will not turn away someone in need. No matter what you need help with or protection from, turn to Saint Michael.