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  1. Rhodonite adjustable bracelet

    Rhodonite Adjustable Bracelet


    Discover inner peace and emotional balance with Rhodonite Adjustable Bracelet. This beautiful accessory features smooth, round beads of rhodonite,...

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  2. Labradorite adjustable bracelet

    Labradorite Adjustable Bracelet


    Crafted with captivating labradorite stones, this bracelet is not just an accessory—it's your personal shield against negativity and a beacon for...

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  3. Pyrite adjustable bracelet

    Pyrite Adjustable Bracelet


    Adorn yourself with the Pyrite Adjustable Bracelet and feel empowered to conquer your day with confidence, knowing you're wrapped in the...

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  4. White howlite adjustable bracelet

    White Howlite Adjustable Bracelet


    Embrace tranquility and inner peace with our White Howlite Bracelet. This beautifully crafted bracelet features polished beads of white howlite, a...

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  5. Alex inle spirit guide request

    Spirit Guide Request Consultation By Alex Inle


    The Spirit Guide Request Consultation By Alex Inle offers a profound connection to the spiritual realm, guiding individuals to harness the wisdom...

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  6. Fatima palm reading

    Palmistry With Fatima


    Fatima believes that the past, present, and future are encoded in the lines and shapes of one's palm. She practices the ancient art of palm reading...

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  7. Fatima mediumship

    Mediumship With Fatima


    Fatima offers a mediumship service to help individuals connect with their departed loved ones, Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, and their Higher...

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  8. Fatima past lives

    Past Life Regression With Fatima

    Starting at $100.00

    This Past Life Regression Therapy by Fatima is aimed at addressing "irrational" fears and emotional, mental, or physical blocks that may be tied to...

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  9. Grim Reaper Backflow 1

    Grim Reaper Backflow Incense Burner with LED


    The Grim Reaper Backflow Incense Burner with LED is a chillingly captivating addition to your space. This intricately designed burner showcases the...

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  10. Lou psychic reading

    Psychic & Intuitive Card Reading By Lou

    Starting at $100.00

    Experience a transformative and empowering psychic and intuitive card reading with Lou, a renowned diviner, metaphysical reader, and Orisha priest....

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  11. Angelina psychic reading

    Protection Magick By Angelina

    Starting at $50.00

    Angelina's Protection Magick Sessions, available in Basic and Advanced formats, focus on enhancing energy protection. The 30-minute Basic session...

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  12. Angelina medium oracle reading

    Channeled Oracle Reading By Angelina


    Utilizing her specialized skills in Psychic Channeling, Angelina forms a profound connection with the Oracle, a mystical source of wisdom and...

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  13. Tarot Reading

    Tarot Card Reading By Jorge Obba

    Starting at $75.00

    Let your spirits talk to you and guide you through a tarot reading. In matters of love, finances, work, career, and health, the cards can show you...

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  14. Egyptian Oracle Reading

    Egyptian Oracle Reading By Jorge Obba

    Starting at $100.00

    Let the Egyptian gods talk to you through their Sacred Oracle. If you need guidance, answers to your questions, or solutions to your problems,...

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  15. Angelina psychic reading medium

    Psychic Reading By Angelina

    Starting at $200.00

    During a Reading, Angelina taps into your energy field and communicates with both your Spirit Guides and her own. This process allows her to access...

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