Spring equinox march 2018

Rituals to Welcome in the Spring Equinox

The spring equinox has been an important holiday almost as long as there have been people to celebrate it. "Equinox" means "equal night," and this day marks a point where night and day are of nearly equal length. It is a time of rebirth and renewal, when the cold weather has gone and nature promises warm, joyful days ahead.

Decorating a Spring Equinox Altar

Your altar can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Simple decorations can include vases of seasonal flowers (bulb plants, like tulips and crocuses, are popular). You can also decorate your altar with candles in white, green, and yellow, anointed with jasmine oil - like the colors of the daffodils that sprout this time of year -- or objects related to fertility, like colored eggs and statues of rabbits and lambs. If you use stones, choose ones in soft, floral colors like pink, violet, and blue. (Rose quartz, amethyst, and aquamarine are good choices.) You can also burn jasmine incense cones or sticks, or craft your own incense using:

Combine the ingredients thoroughly, and sprinkle on a burning charcoal disc in a fireproof censer.

A Simple Spring Ritual

This time of year, a ritual can consist of something as simple as taking a walk in nature. Take the time to really notice the earth waking up -- look for new growth, and pick fresh spring flowers. Bring an offering to give and thank the earth for providing for you. Fresh spring water, seeds, flowers, honey, or animal-safe cakes are all good offerings, as are rose quartz, amethyst, or moonstone stones.

An Equinox Candle Ritual

For this, you will need three candles in white, green, and yellow, a bowl of milk or fresh water, another bowl of honey or sugar, and lavender or violet oil.

1. Anoint the three candles with the oil, and set them on your altar.
2. Light the green candle. This represents the earth, as it blossoms back into life. As the candle burns, meditate on the earth awakening from winter. What does this growth mean to you? What seeds do you hope to plant and harvest as the year rolls onward?
3. Next, light the yellow candle. This represents the sun, who will join with the earth to produce new life. Meditate on this growing warmth and joy. How can you help cultivate it in your life, and spread its blessing to others?
4. Then, light the white candle. Meditate on the relationships between nature and humanity, and humanity and your gods (if you have them). The earth nourishes people, how can you give back to it?
5. When you are ready, say thank you to the earth and sun. Mingle the honey and the milk together, to represent the sun impregnating the fertile earth. Pour your offering on the ground, or in your garden.

A Spring Seed Ritual

For this, you will need two white or purple candles, some fresh seeds for planting, and incense in rose, violet, jasmine, or using the recipe above. Set the candles on your altar, on either side of the seeds. Then:

1. Light the incense. As it burns, light the candles.
2. If your tradition has a god and goddess of fertility, give them a few words of thanks in whichever way is appropriate to your religion. If you do not, feel free to speak to Mother Earth and Father Sun, or whichever fertility figure feels right to you.
3. Hold your hands over the seeds. Visualize the goals you want to achieve this year, and any new beginnings coming up for you. Follow with a simple statement, like, "I ask for your blessings on these new ventures."
4. Snuff the candles, and take the seeds outside to plant or scatter.

Even if your tradition does not have a fertility deity, the spring equinox is a time for reflection on the warm days ahead, and giving thanks to the green earth. Taking some time to notice and appreciate new growth with a ritual is an excellent way to appreciate the change in seasons, and set yourself up to achieve great things throughout the year.

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