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Jasmine Incense Stick 10 1/2"

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With a soothing, floral scent our 10 1/2-inch Jasmine Incense sticks put forth a relaxing presence in any room in which it burns. Upon the altar, this makes it perfect for spells involving love and dreams. Traditionally, it is also great for burning for spells of money drawing and financial success, healing, spiritual awareness, and love and attraction.


Indulge in the calming fragrance of our 10 1/2-inch Jasmine Incense sticks, creating a serene atmosphere in any room. These incense sticks are ideal for love and dream-related spells when placed on the altar, invoking a sense of enchantment. They have a rich traditional association with spells for attracting wealth and financial success, making them a powerful choice. Additionally, the soothing aroma of Jasmine is known to foster healing, enhance love and attraction, and deepen spiritual awareness. Embrace the transformative essence of our Jasmine Incense sticks as you embark on your spiritual journey, invoking their magical properties for a harmonious and prosperous existence.

  • 10 1/2" Long - Approximately 30-minute burn time
  • 100 Hand Dipped Incense Sticks per pack