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Rituals For Bringing Peace To Your Life

Peace comes in different forms for different people. For some, peace means a stable and reciprocal romantic relationship. For others, peace relates to a healthy and harmonious home. Reaching a state of true peace and tranquility requires patience and discipline. Incorporating spiritual techniques into your every day routines can help you achieve the serenity you desire.

The Path to a Peaceful Home

A simple and effective way to invite harmony and positive energy into your home is through a house blessing. The goal of this ancient tradition is to activate the home with positive intentions and prayers. House blessings are often done after a joyous occasion, such as a birth or marriage, to strengthen the bonds of love and protection that circle the new union or life.

It is a very good idea to cleanse your home with sage before beginning a house blessing. Once your home is thoroughly cleansed, you are ready to begin your ritual. The morning is a time of new beginnings, and is therefore the perfect time of day to perform a ritual of this type. If you are able to plan your ritual in correspondence with the new moon phase, you can harness the energy generated by that powerful cycle, as well.

Start by dressing your altar with a purple handkerchief. Place a Buddha candle and a Tranquil Home Hoo Doo Pillar candle on your altar. Fill a Brass Incense Burner with Peace In The Home Incense powder. Fill a mojo bag with a small trinket from each member of your family. Add a pinch of Peace In The Home Sachet Powder to the bag, as well as some Moonstone tumbled stones and a pinch of Lavender Flowers. Place the mojo bag with the other items on your altar.

As you quiet your mind, anoint the Tranquil Home Hoo Doo Pillar candle with Black Narcissus oil. Light the Buddha candle, Tranquil Home candle and incense powder. Inhale deeply, breathing in the fragrant aroma of the incense, and breathe out any negativity you have been holding onto. Focus on the flickering flame of the candles and recite the following words:

Oh faithful protectors,
calm my home for me.
Relieve all tension, send it far,
so from stress we shall be free.
Touch my family with peace and calm,
and this place that means so much to us.
Bless my home, oh fearless ones
with your powerful touch.

After you have completed the ritual, place the mojo bag in a safe spot in your house. Each week, add fresh sachet powder and spend some time reflecting on your goals for your family and home.

Fostering a Peaceful Relationship

Deepening the bonds of a loving relationship can help to garner a sense of security for both partners. A spiritual bath is an excellent way to cleanse yourself of any negative energy that is blocking your relationship from progressing to the next level. It can also relieve you of feelings of jealousy and anger, which create static in a healthy relationship.

This spiritual bath focuses specifically on romantic relationships, and is aptly named a ‘Love Bath’. To prepare your Love Bath, start by writing the seven qualities that you most love about your partner on a piece of paper. Put the paper inside of a mason jar and cover the paper with honey. Anoint a Pink Female Image Candle and a Pink Male Image Candle with Peace Oil. Place the mason jar and candles in a safe spot in your bathroom. Fill your tub and add Peace Big Al Bath & Floor Wash to the water. As you add the wash to the water, say the words “This represents my ability to sustain and nurture a love relationship”.

Light the candles and soak in the tub for at least 30 minutes. While you are cleaning yourself, focus on the aspects of your relationship that you are proud of, as well as those that you would like to improve. Imagine the water washing away any negativity and cleansing you of any hostility. Once you are done, do not dry off. Allow the water to dry on its own. Place the honey jar and candles in a sacred space. When you are feeling blocked in your relationship, visit your space and light your candles to re-center yourself.

Amulets, Talismans and Other Tools to Encourage a Peaceful Life

It is helpful to surround ourselves with tokens that remind us of our goals and objectives. These keepsakes help us remember what is important in life and keep us focused on our true path. Wear a Buddha Amulet in times when you need guidance and wisdom as you search for peace. A 7 African Power Triple Beaded Bracelet and 7 African Powers Camino Necklace combine the supernatural forces of the 7 African Powers. If you find yourself struggling to maintain a peaceful and balanced lifestyle, wear this jewelry to call upon the strength of these mediators.

Anoint your wrists, throat and ankles with Red Lavender Water to promote tranquility. A Rose of Jericho plant has mystical qualities that bring peace and harmony to your home. Place the plant in a shallow bowl of water and watch as it miraculously comes to life. A Protection & Peace Kit includes the tools you need to ward off negativity and cultivate a peaceful atmosphere in your life and home.