Cleansing new year ritual

Cleansing Rituals for New Years and Beyond

If you are reading this right now, you have probably done more than your share of cleansing rituals. There is no substitute for a thorough spiritual cleansing, but it usually needs to be repeated frequently. The end of the old year is a great time to cleanse yourself and your home in preparation for the new one, but how do you make sure that your cleansing actually lasts?

This is where the idea of banishing comes in. Banishing and cleansing go hand in hand - where cleansing removes unwanted energies, banishing can remove the situations, habits, people, and things that attract or produce those energies. Some traditions combine the two, to get rid of unwanted entities and energies in one shot.

Here is how you can create New Year cleansing rituals that keep working for as long as you need them to:

1. Make a list of what you wish to get rid of.

First, take a long look at all of the things in your life that do not serve you. In this context, "do not serve" means that they cause you more sadness, anxiety, or annoyance than they bring joy. This can be anything from the habit of biting your nails, to a relationship that has run its course, to a worn out couch. List everything that you would be better off without.

Next, look at the list and mark off what you can reasonably cleanse from yourself right now. You might not be able to buy a new house immediately, for example, but you can definitely clear other unwanted things from your life.

2. Cleanse your physical environment.

A cluttered house leads to chaotic energy and troubled feelings. Start your cleanse a week before New Year's by getting rid of objects you do not need - donate them to someone who does, or, if they are beyond use, throw them away with gratitude for what they have done for you. You may even want to rearrange your furniture to promote a better flow of air, light, and fresh energy.

You can experience the flow of energy by using sound or incense. Go to each corner and ring a bell or clap your hands. If the sound sounds clear and bright, the energy is too. If it sounds flat or muffled, the energy is sticky or stagnant. You can also light a stick of incense (you may wish to use a cleansing incense, like frankincense and myrrh) and carry it around to each corner of your home. If the smoke rises in a clear column, the energy is flowing. If it seems dense, cloudy, or hangs low to the ground, the energy is stagnant.

3. Banish the old.

Once you have removed the physical obstacles to your cleansing, you can banish the others. Write your list on small slips of paper. Next, anoint a black cat candle with a drop of garlic oil. The color black, the image of cats, and garlic are all powerfully associated with driving away unwanted influences. Place the candle on a safe surface beside a fireproof bowl or small cauldron.

On New Year's Eve, light the candle and ask for spiritual or divine help cleansing your life of the people, habits, and situations that are not aligned with your highest good. One by one, light the slips of paper in the candle's flame and drop them into the bowl. Each time you do this, thank the person, habit, or situation for the lessons you've learned and release with love.

When you are through, you can either snuff the candle or allow it to burn completely. Dispose of all candle residue, ashes, and leftover bits of paper far from your home - after all, you do not want the things that you have banished to find their way back to you!

4. Spiritually wash your home and body.

With a new, better flow of energy and less cluttered home, you can perform a thorough spiritual washing on New Year's Day. Use some Spiritual Cleansing Big Al bath & floor wash in a bucket of fresh water and mop your floors from back to front. As you mop, recite the included prayer as a chant.

If you have carpeting, you can sprinkle it with dried cleansing herbs (think sage, rosemary, or cedar). Let it sit for a moment, then vacuum it up working from back to front, and immediately empty your vacuum in your outdoor trash.

You should also use Spiritual Cleansing wash in your bath. Take a regular bath or shower, soaping up and scrubbing thoroughly. Afterward, fill your tub or a basin with fresh water, add the prepared bath, and either soak yourself or pour it over yourself from head to toe.

5. Adorn your space.

With unwanted things banished and your energy cleared, you can start decorating your home with cleansing curios. You might want to place crystals known for removing negative energy and generating positivity, like citrine or selenite, in key places around your home. You can also bring in potted plants, which produce more positive energy. (Some, like cacti, are also good for spiritual and energetic protection.) Statues like gargoyles, cats (especially lions), or other protective figures can also help keep negativity away.

You may also wish to anoint your windows and doors with House Blessing or Protection oil. Protection oil keeps evil out, while House Blessing oil brings positive things in.

Knowing how to perform a basic cleansing is a very important skill. If you want your cleansing to last, it is also crucial to know how to release the root causes of stress, tension, and negativity. By combining banishing and energy clearing, you can ensure that your cleansing ritual lasts from New Year's onward.