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Black Salt (Witches Salt)

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Also known as Witches Salt, our Black Salt (Sal Negra) is commonly used in spiritual and magical practices that focus on protection, banishing, and warding off witchcraft, negative energies or entities, or enemies.

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Black Salt (Sal Negra), also referred to as Witches Salt is often utilized in spiritual and magical practices which emphasize protection, banishing, and shielding against witchcraft, negative entities or energies, as well as adversaries and enemies.

  • Available in a 2 oz Bag or 1 lb Bag

The Ritual Uses of Black Salt (Witches Salt)

  • Creating protective barriers: Black salt can be sprinkled around the perimeter of a home or sacred space to create a protective barrier that wards off negative energy or entities. It can also be used to create a protective circle for ritual work.
  • Banishing or removing negativity: Black salt can be added to a bath or used in a scrub to remove negative energy or to break curses or hexes. It can also be sprinkled on objects, such as mirrors or thresholds, to prevent negative energies or entities from entering.
  • Enhancing spell work: Black salt can be added to spell jars or sachets to enhance their protective or banishing properties. It can also be used to charge candles or other objects with protective energy.
  • Absorbing negative energy: Black salt can be placed in a bowl or jar in a room or space to absorb negative energy or to ground excessive energy. It can also be used to cleanse and purify objects or tools.