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Florida Water (Agua Florida) Cologne

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Florida Water (Agua de Florida) Cologne is one of the most versatile spiritual tools you could have. Florida Water Cologne can be used for cleansing and protecting any room, person, and altar items. It has very calming properties and can boost moods and ease anxiety. Florida Water Cologne can also be used as ritual offerings, to attract love, bring in money, and create a peaceful environment.

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Murray & Lanman's Florida Water (Agua Florida) Cologne made its debut in New York City over two hundred years ago. Since then, its use has grown in popularity for its soothing effect on the mind, the body, and the soul. Its light refreshing scent balances and grounds while also giving an energizing effect.

The citrus aroma and strong cleansing properties of Florida Water have been known since the 1800s, when it was introduced in the United States for the first time. In fact, it is commonly referred to as "the world's most popular perfume" and was named after Florida's legendary Fountain of Youth.

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  • Not tested on animals
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Florida Water is a stimulating citrus and floral-scented cologne that is often used during ritual offerings and purification rituals. There are some who even replace Holy Water in their rituals with Florida Water. Due to its delightful floral scent with lemon overtones, Florida Water has remained popular for decades with a formula that has remained unchanged for more than two hundred years.

In addition to containing alcohol, Florida Water also contains dissolved essential oils, such as lemon, orange, and lavender oils. The benefits of Florida Water include headache relief, relief from fever, and bringing a pleasant scent to the home. The powerful magic it possesses makes it an essential ingredient in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria, and Wiccan practices.

Florida Water has been used in many magic and religious practices for centuries and can enhance your spiritual life in many different ways.

How To Use Florida Water In Your Rituals

  • Cleanse any room by placing a small amount in a dish, placing the dish in a room, and allowing the perfume to evaporate.
  • Protect your home by combining Florida Water and protective herbs, like cinnamon or black cohosh, and a little water. Use this mixture to anoint windows, mirrors, and doorways.
  • Perform water divination by placing a small amount in a dark-colored bowl, and adding water. Use this for scrying by gazing into the water.
  • Aid other forms of divination by placing some Florida Water in a bottle with an amethyst crystal. Anoint your hands before shuffling a tarot deck, a pendulum before doing a reading, a crystal sphere before scrying, and so on.
  • Add to a ritual bath to spiritually cleanse yourself, as well as provide a feeling of balance and relaxation.
  • Give it as an offering to your ancestors, spirit guides, or deities.
  • Mix a small amount with magical inks when writing spells or petitions.
  • Keep your altar and tools cleansed by wiping them down with some Florida Water.
  • Draw money to you by dipping a cowrie shell in Florida Water, allowing it to dry, and keeping it safely tucked away in your wallet.
  • Ensure good dreams, repel nightmares, and aid dream divination by lighting misting a dream pillow before sleep.

How To Use Florida Water in Your Beauty and Home Routines

  • Florida Water can be used as a facial toner to help balance the skin's pH and reduce inflammation. Simply dilute Florida Water with water and apply to your face using a cotton ball or pad.
  • Add a few drops of Florida Water to your bathwater to help relax your body, ease stress and refresh your skin.
  • Florida Water can be used as a hair rinse to help condition and add shine to your hair. Mix Florida Water with water and apply to your hair after shampooing.
  • Apply a small amount of Florida Water to your underarms to help neutralize odors.
  • Florida Water has a refreshing and uplifting scent that can be used in aromatherapy. Add a few drops to a diffuser or mix with water in a spray bottle to freshen up a room.

Remember to always dilute Florida Water before applying it directly to your skin or hair, as it is a concentrated product that can be irritating when used undiluted.