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Smudging Pot (Charcoal Soapstone Burner)

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A soapstone charcoal incense burning bowl or smudging pot is an excellent choice for burning sage or loose herbs, as well as your preferred resin incense. To use, simply fill the burner with sand, place the charcoal on top of the sand, and add your chosen incense.


This soapstone charcoal incense burning bowl or smudging pot is great for burning sage or any loose herb. Also, burn your favorite resin incense, just fill the burner with sand and place the charcoal on top of the sand.

What is a Smudging Pot (Charcoal Soapstone Burner)?

A smudging pot, specifically a charcoal soapstone burner, is a specialized vessel utilized in traditional smudging rituals, which have roots in Native American practices. These rituals are known to purify a person or a space, infusing them with positive energy.

Made from heat-resistant materials such as clay or ceramic, a smudging pot can hold various smudging materials like sage, cedar, or sweetgrass that are ignited as part of the ritual. They are sometimes adorned with symbolic designs, adding a personal touch to your ritual practices.

In addition to being a vessel for burning smudge sticks or loose herbs, it can also hold charcoal tablets, which are used to burn the herbs evenly. Traditionally, the pot is filled with sand or ash, which serves to absorb the heat and safeguard the pot's base from direct exposure to the burning elements.

How to Use a Smudging Pot (Charcoal Soapstone Burner)

Using a smudging pot, especially a charcoal soapstone burner, is a straightforward process. Here, we guide you step-by-step to ensure a safe and fulfilling experience:

  1. Prepare Your Space: Before you begin, make sure your space is clean and ready for the smudging ritual.
  2. Setting Up Your Smudging Pot: Place a piece of charcoal inside the smudging pot. This charcoal acts as the base for burning incense or other aromatic substances such as resins or herbs.
  3. Lighting the Charcoal: Light the charcoal using a lighter or a match and ensure it is evenly ignited before proceeding.
  4. Adding Aromatic Substances: Once the charcoal is well-lit, you can add your chosen substances to it. As these substances heat up, they release a fragrant smoke, believed to bring numerous spiritual or therapeutic benefits.
  5. Enjoy the Experience: The emanating fragrant smoke can help purify the air, fostering relaxation and enhancing meditation experiences.

Discover the joys of using a smudging pot to create a peaceful and balanced atmosphere, removing negative energies from spaces or individuals.