Day of the dead spells rituals

Spells to Channel Powerful Day of the Dead Energies

The time between the end of October and the beginning of November is ripe for magic and spiritual development. The Day of the Dead, Halloween, and All Saints' Day all fall around this time, as well as other traditional holidays during which the living remember, communicate with, and guide the dead.

If you would like to incorporate these ideas into your practice, here are three spells you can use:

1. Halloween Protection Charm

Before Halloween was Halloween, it was Samhain. This was an old Celtic fire festival that celebrated the end of the harvest season and the transition into winter. People performed rituals to protect themselves and their cattle, carved jack-o-lanterns out of turnips, and tried to help the spirits of the dead along on their journey to the other world.

This time of year is perfect for warding your home and family. You can make a simple charm with a red cloth, sea salt, rosemary, hawthorne, mistletoe, and a piece of black tourmaline.

You may wish to start by anointing a red candle with a drop or two of Protection oil. Set your charm ingredients in front of the candle, light the wick, and say...

Halloween fire, burning bright,
I call forth protection tonight.

Lay the red fabric out flat. Place the salt in the middle. Continue adding the other ingredients one by one, asking each one for their protection. Bind up the bundle with a piece of red or black string, and hang it over your front door.

2. Day of the Dead Spirit Guidance

Begin with four candles: one white, one black, one green, and one red. Anoint each with a drop of Vision oil.

If you know a specific spirit that you would like to communicate with, write their name on a piece of paper and set it on a table. If you have a photograph or anything that once belonged to that person, add that as well. Set the candles in a circle around the name paper.

Relax and focus your mind. You may also want to perform a grounding exercise. When you feel prepared, light the candles moving in a clockwise direction. Say...

Ancestor spirits, hear my plea. I call you now here to me.

If you are calling a specific spirit, say their name three times. If not, request that a helpful, well-intentioned spirit come to you.

Sit and listen for a reply. This may come as clairaudience, clairvoyance, visions, or a different sign. Watch the candles' flames for dancing, flickering, or other changes. If you have a question or problem that you want help with, say it aloud now.

Even if you do not receive a reply immediately, thank the spirits for their appearance. Snuff the candles. Pay close attention to your dreams, for the answers you seek may appear there. Make a gratitude offering of food, drink, candy, flowers, perfume, or other things your spirits may enjoy.

3. All Saints' Day Friendship Spell

You've communicated with the departed and guarded your home against evil spirits. Now it is time to bring in more healthy, happy relationships with living people.

Perform this spell in the room where you usually welcome guests. This can be a formal living room, family room, or even your kitchen. Find a safe surface that will not be disturbed and place a pink candle there. Anoint the top with a little bit of Acacia oil, and sprinkle rose petals, lavender, and a pinch of sugar around the base.

Light the candle. Turn so you are facing east and say...

May warmth and light draw friendship and love from the east.

Next, turn to the north and say...

May warmth and light draw friendship and love from the north.

Repeat this for each direction before returning to face the candle. Say...

May warmth and light fill this home, drawing friendship and love from near and far.

Place a pinch of the rose, lavender, and sugar mixture in a pouch or mojo bag and keep it on you.

This time of year is good for many things, from remembering departed loved ones, to celebrating the harvest, protecting ourselves, and preparing for the year ahead. Take advantage of these potent energies by performing spells specifically chosen for the season.